Peanut Butter and Jam Cupcakes

I was in the mood for experimenting, browsing Pinterest recently I have seen various pictures of peanut butter cupcakes. So I thought I would give it a go myself.

pbj cupcake

So I added crunchy peanut butter to the cake batter. Once the cakes were baked and cooled. I took a small part of the top off and added some strawberry  jam in the middle and replaced the ‘lid’.

Now the frosting was from a recipe I got from Created by Diane. I was banking on it being a creamy fluffy frosting, but it is actually more of a sticky fondant, I think I may have broken my beaters in the process! However it does taste delicious. And to be fair the recipe was for sandwiching cookies.

 Before I knew it wasn’t going to pipe well I swirled a little jam through the icing so when it came out of the piping bag there would be a swirl running through. But being a fondant type consistency it didn’t hold shape for long and the jam got lost under it.

However the chief taste tester who is by lovely hubbie, ate two in a row and through a mouthful of crumbs said they were great so we have a success! I will have to re think the frosting recipe, but I do have some of the fondant icing left over so will make some biscuits for it.

pbj cucake


What baking plans do you have for the weekend?



Viennese Swirls

I made some Viennese  Swirls today in honour of the start of the Great British Bake Off. I’m so excited it is back on our TVs again, and am eagerly awaiting it to start. I plan to have a go at some of the technical challenges over the weeks. So be prepared to see my attempts on here!


vienniese 3


These where surprisingly easy to make, for some reason I always thought they would be tricky to make. I used a Mary Berry recipe, and was really pleased with how they tasted, really buttery with a lovely crumble that melted in the mouth.


vienniese swirl

Mary’s recipe was actually for fingers dipped in dark chocolate, but I decided to adapt the recipe and make them into sandwiches filled with melted chocolate.

vienniese 2

They went down a storm so much so we don’t have any left to eat while watching the Bake Off! :)

Baking · Inspiration

Cookie inspiration

Following on from yesterdays post I thought I would share some other cookies and biscuits that are inspiring me at the moment.

I will start with these beautiful Parisian cookies by the University of Cookie



Aren’t they awesome!? Too pretty to eat, I think I would rather admire as ornaments, I just wish I was that artistic!

Next up another very prettily decorated cookie by Hello Naomi

vday cookies

I love the pale pinks and the cute little hearts. This is something I could do and will have to give it a try.

B as Good adds lovely little details to her sandwich cookies.


I’ve always fancied making a gingerbread house adorned with lots of sweeties and decorative icing but always thought it was something just for Christmas, but Daisy Pink Cupcake gingerbread house looks good for any time of year. Very inspiring!


I love these Neapolitan Cookies from I Am Baker. They remind me of Viennese Whirls which I am planning to have a go at making this week.


These Kokeshi Cookies by Sweetopia are SO adorable!


I love these pretty teacup inspired cookies by Kiss Me Kate


 And finally these peanut butter cookies by Created by Diane look like a must try.


I will be making a note of her recipe for the peanut butter filling it sounds delicious.

After a few weeks of lacking inspiration I’m feeling renewed and full of inspiration and am looking forward to having some fun making and decorating some cookies. I hope this post has inspired you too.

Happy Baking! x


Eat me…

Call me sad but I always get a little excited when I come across a new cookie cutter. So imagine my excitement when I came across an Eat Me cookie stamp in Hobbycraft. It had to go straight in my basket.

2013-08-17 14.23.01

The stamp even comes with its own little recipe, but I decided to use my tried and tested shortbread recipe.

before cookie

I’m actually glad I took a before picture because the Eat Me was not as clear once they were baked. So maybe I should have pressed harder?

after cookie


My imagination swept me off the Alice in Wonderland while I ate them, and needless to say between me and hub they didn’t last long.

Anyway I feel I should share my shortbread recipe with you as its so easy and makes a lovely buttery, crumbly biscuit.


125g Butter

55g Caster Sugar

180g Plain Flour

* Preheat oven to 190C/ 375F/ Gas 5

* Beat the butter and sugar until smooth.

* Stir in the flour to get a smooth paste. Turn onto a work surface and gently roll out until it is 1cm/1/2in thick

* Cut into rounds or fingers and place onto a baking tray. Place in the fridge to chill for about 20mins

* Bake in the oven for 15-20minutes or until a pale golden brown. Place onto a wire rack to cool




Hello World!

It’s been such a looooong time! So what’s been happening? Well on the 15th of May I GOT MARRIED!! The best day of my life. We don’t have the official photos back yet, but here are a couple from our friends and family.

093 (2)

My dress!


Me and my gorgeous husband signing the register.

2013-05-15 15.55.31-3

The new Mr and Mrs!

Everything went perfectly, even the weather! It went so quick though and before we knew it the day was over. The special memories will stay with us forever.

We will be going on honeymoon in September, and we are going to Cuba! So exciting.

In other news we have a new guinea pig. Thelma got injured and had to be separated from the other 3, and because its not good for a pig to live on their own we adopted her a new friend from Crawley Guinea Pig Rescue.


Her name is Nala and she is the sweetest, prettiest little piggy and has settled in nicely to her new home. She has not been without her own drama though, first a suspected pregnancy which turned out to be a massive ovarian cyst, which had to be removed, but she has fully recovered and can now enjoy her new forever home.

Anybody else on Instagram? I joined about a month ago and am finding it great fun. You can have a look at my photos here .

Well there is not much more to update, it has been all wedding, and poorly guinea pigs. But know things have calmed down I am looking forward to getting back to blogging.