Easter Bunny Biscuits..

Getting ready for the Easter weekend I made a batch of shortbread bunnies. I’ve had this cookie cutter for a while now but have only just got around to using it.

bunny biscuits
For the icing I used Royal Icing with a touch of violet food colouring. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I found the icing so fiddly to get perfect that I was getting very cross with myself. But once I got myself a jug with hot water to make it easier to smooth the icing I got quite into it and I found myself really enjoying it. Not bad considering I was going to give up after two biscuits! I need to learn more patience!!

bunny biscuits

To complete the look I gave the bunnies tails using pearly sprinkles.

bunny biscuits

Tomorrow being Good Friday I’m planning on making some Hot Cross Buns. I do love a hot cross bun. Of course I will share my efforts here!


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