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Happily Ever After SAL – Robin Hood

It has just occurred to me as I await the arrival of June’s pattern for the Happily Ever After sew along that I never shared with you my completed blo​ck for May!​

Robin Hood! Such a cute little block. I can’t believe we are almost halfway through this already. If you’re undecided about starting a Frosted Pumpkin Sew Along I highly recommend it. Not only are they super cute they are a nice easy stitch that you can fit in with your other projects. I can’t actually believe that I’ve managed to keep up this time!

If you think back to 2 years ago and the Storytime Sampler, well I am still working on that one, and just yesterday finished block 6 – Peter Pan. The plan is to get them both finished by the end of the year have them framed and put in Mabel’s room but I will try not to put myself under too much pressure to do that. SO many projects and SO little time!!


Tiny Floral Pretty Needlecase

Do you remember the pretty little purse I made for my mum’s birthday? Well the plan had been to make a little needlecase to go with it, but unfortunately I had run out of time to make it. I’ve finally now got around to make it and give it to her so I thought I would share it with you.


It took me a while to decide on what to do. I knew I wanted to incorporate the same fabrics that I used for her purse, and I knew I wanted to embroider a little monogrammed initial. Other than that I was unsure. I did consider doing a half Dresden for the front cover to mirror her purse, but decided against that and go with something a little different.

I started with little 2 inch squares, using beautiful Lecien, Sevenberry and Atsuko Matsuyama fabrics my absolute favourites. In hindsight I should have used blue/purple fabrics that is more my mum’s colours than pinks, I think I was maybe too influenced by what I like than what she would like.

I then went onto embroider the little M initial. I bought the book “500 Simply Charming Designs for Embroidery” a few years ago, it’s a Japanese craft book that has been translated into English. Included in it are several alphabet patterns. As soon as I saw the lazy daisy letter designs I fell in love, and so fast forward to now I knew it would be the perfect design for my project. I had forgotten how fiddly I find lazy daisy stitch, it seems to take me a couple of attempts to get each petal/leaf to look like it’s suppose to and even then I’m 100% happy! I think I need to fill a hoop with some and just practice, practice, practice!

As I said above the front took me the longest to decide what to do, I didn’t want to detract attention from the embroidery but also wanted a bit of colour rather than it all being linen. Even though I absolutely love Japanese natural linen. In the end I decided on turning the embroidery into a patch rather than working it into the actual case and picked some really beautiful Lecien and Sevenberry.

Then onto the part I enjoy the most, the hand quilting. I love the effect of hand quilting, I think it adds a lovely charm to a project and easy enough to do on a little project like this. Hand quilting anything larger like a quilt always feels like a mammoth task and can become a little bit of a (sore!) chore. Although it is always worth it in the end!

We’ve had some beautiful weather this week and it has been such a joy to put the finishing touches to this out in the garden.

And there we have it! All finished! Such a lovely project to work on, although even a little project like this takes me twice as long to finish these days than before when I was child free. It does mean I do feel a bigger sense of achievement now when I do finish a project.


Instagram Giveaway

On Monday my husband celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. To help celebrate that I have a little giveaway on my Instagram page.

In the UK the theme for four years is fruit and flowers, so here are four little treats with a lovely floral theme.

If you fancy having go at bagging yourself these then hop on over to Instagram. Apologies to those readers who do not have Instagram, I will have a giveaway on the blog soon. A winner will be announced Friday 18th May at 8pm BST. Good luck!!

P.s How can it be four years already!??


Little Red Riding Hood Needlebook

I have wanted to make a little needlebook ever since I discovered Amy Sinibaldi’s blog Nana Company. I loved her blog so much I even blogged about it myself, you can see the post here.

Her little needlebooks are so adorable and I swiftly put it on my to make list. That was a few years ago now and I’ve only just got round to making one now!


I’ve had this cute Kokka fabric in my stash for a few years now, I think I probably had a fussy cut needlebook in mind when I bought it, but like most fabrics I own, I was too fearful to cut into it. I’m glad I finally plucked up the courage to use it, it really is very cute.

This wasn’t the first idea for the front cover, initially I made it into a patch and appliqued it onto some felt and then fabric, but I just wasn’t happy with it, not only that it didn’t leave much room for a button.

I realise this won’t make sound very ‘professional’ but I kind of made it up as I went along. I just picked some fabric and played with it until it looked right. Sometimes I spend soooo much time looking at and deciding on the fabric, even longer than the project at times! I know I wanted to use the Little Red Riding Hood as the centerpiece for the front, but I just couldn’t decide on how to focus it. There was only one of these pictures left on the fabric, so the pressure was on to get it right! It’s then I saw some lovely Lecien floral and thought the two fabrics worked quite well together.

I love this fabric! It’s so cute, I’m really wishing I’d bought more than just a fat quarter! I thought it be nice to handquilt around the pictures, so they were highlighted rather than hidden by the stitches.


Couldn’t resist adding a little embellishment to the inside too! Including a handy ruler fabric tape. It is slightly smaller than I had intended, but it is handy being pocket sized, will fit nicely in my bag if I need to take a little project with me.

I’ll let you into a little secret, I’m not sure I’m that happy with it. I’m too much of a perfectionist for my own good, and I can see far too many imperfections for my liking, but it was a fun little project and have already planned to make another for my mum. I think I will make the next one a little bigger and plan it out a bit more too!



Rainbow Dresden Pouch

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m fed up of cloudy days! I’m so impatient for sunny weather and it just seems at the moment the sun rarely wants to show its face.

Do you remember the pouch I made for my mum’s birthday? I really enjoyed the process of making it that I decided to make one for myself, and being inspired by the grey dreary weather I thought I’d go for bright rainbow colours to cheer things up a bit!

It didn’t take me too long (for once) to decide which fabrics to use, I went straight for my trusty Lecien stash.

Initially I was going to do the Dresden as two halves because when its whole it does make making the pouch a little awkward and you can’t top stitch the zip which I do like to do, I think it looks neater. Despite that I went with how I did it before and made the full plate.

I went with a crisp white as the backing fabric to really make the rainbow colours ‘pop’. Then onto my favourite bit the hand quilting.

Most of what I get to do is in nap time, it’s an hour or so just for me, hot tea, cake and sewing, just perfect! I started with one line of quilting but then just kept going! I debated on doing a 4th line but decided to leave it.


I have already put this purse to good use, it’s holding all my little hexies that I’ve not had a chance to do anything with yet.

Including these little lovlies from a piece of Cloud 9 fabric that I discovered in my stash.

I had to include my Momiji unicorn doll because all unicorns love a rainbow!