Sweet Autumn Rain Dresden Pouch

I’ve made a couple of these little pouches now and when I got my hands on the fabric range Autumn Rain by Dashwood Studio I instantly thought that it would make a lovely little Dresden pouch, the fussy cutting opportunities for this fabric makes it just perfect! I also think it’s a very appropriate theme of fabric for our current weather, it’s less spring like and very wet and cold!

It’s very unlike me to cut into a new pile of fabric straight away, I normally can’t bear to, favouring to look at it and stroke it. This time was different I couldn’t wait to get started!

Just look how cute those little owls are! I love hand quilting small projects, it feels less of a chore than a whole quilt, and it was nice to use to some bold colours rather than my go to white thread. I used DMC floss to add some texture and make it stand out more.

Unfortunately after I finished the hand quilting it rather shamefully sat in my wip pile until I could take it no more I had to turn it into a sweet little pouch! I don’t know why I left it so long! It’s now going to hold my Aurifil 80wt thread. Last weekend I misplaced a spool that I needed and it drove me mad looking for it! Now I have a special place just for them!

Autumn Rain Dresden Pouch

Autumn Rain Dresden Pouch

Autumn Rain Dresden Pouch

Autumn Rain Dresden Pouch

I just love this shade of linen (Robert Kauffman Essex Linen in Steel)! Possibly my new favourite although I think natural linen will always hold the top spot!

If you’d like to see the other Dresden pouches you can see them here and here.


Etsy Sale!

Exciting news for this Easter! I’ve reopened the shop and am having a sale! 20% of everything. Prices have already been adjusted to so you don’t need to add a code, ends midnight Tuesday 3rd April. See below for a little taster of what is on offer. Click here to shop or on the shop link at the top of the page. Items are ready to ship and will be posted Wednesday 4th April.


Blooming Blossoms Box 3

Blooming blossoms quilt box 3 Blooming blossoms quilt box 3

Another month and it hasn’t disappointed, once again the fabrics that have been picked are so beautiful!

In my haste to get started  I did actually make a mistake, forgetting the mantra measure twice cut once! I cut what was supposed to be diamonds into jewels instead. I was cutting out the fabrics at 6am (probably not the cleverest of ideas!) and got a little carried away! Shamefully I didn’t actually realise until I ran out of jewels papers and couldn’t work out why I only had 6 diamonds instead! I rang Jessie to explain that I had 6 diamonds and it was only then that I realised my error! Haha! Oh dear the shame! She was very nice about it and I was able to order some more of that fabric so I could make the diamonds! I do have plans for the jewels so they won’t go to waste!

Silly story but I’d thought I’d share, nobody is perfect and sometimes it’s good to hear that people get things wrong, I wanted to be honest and not just share when things go right!

I feel a real sense of achievement to have finished the box but also sad that it’s all over, I can’t wait for next month to see what pretty fabrics will be included and of course this time I will be reading the cutting directions TWICE!

Liberty hearts

The little Liberty jewels that I have plans for, I’ve turned them into hearts and will applique them onto some lovely Essex Linen, what they become after that I’m still undecided!


Mandolin Quilt BOM

Mandolin Quilt

In a previous post I mentioned that I had signed up to two BOM clubs, today I’d like to talk about the second, the Mandolin Quilt. I tried really hard to avoid this one mainly because I had already signed up to the Blooming Blossoms Quilt and the Into the Jungle SAL but in the end resistance was futile, with the pictures I saw on Instagram popping up I knew I had to join in! I figured I would be able to fit them all in somehow. The great thing about all of these projects is they are super easy to pick up and put down and even take with you if you’re going somewhere.

So what is the Mandolin Quilt? It has been designed by Jodi of Tales of Cloth  the sign ups were only open in January and you had the option to either sign up for the EPP papers only or papers and a wonderfully curated bundle of Liberty fabric. My proviso of signing up to this quilt was that I had to use up some of my  ever-growing stash so I signed up for papers only. Each month I receive enough papers to make 2 mandolin blocks and a joining block.

Mandolin Quilt Block

My most recent block, and possibly my favourite! I’ve used sweet fabric from Lauren Nash’s line Bunnies and Cream, strawberries from Lecien fabrics and cute Kitties from Liberty Japanese Yuwa.

I love how these blocks are coming together they are so fun to stitch and the possibilities are endless. Although it does take me quite a while to decide on which fabrics to use, I can be rather indecisive but it is fun searching through my fabrics, I never tire of looking at them!

Mandolin Quilt Block

Mandolin Quilt Block

Mandolin Quilt Block

More Bunnies and Cream! These sweet fabrics are just perfect for fussy cutting. I’m guessing the way this quilt is going it will be going to Mabel when it is finally finished.Mandolin Quilt Block

I’ve decided to keep the joining blocks fairly simple a nice white and pretty polka dot fabric, that way it’ll really make the blocks pop!

Mandolin Quilt Block

I’m not too sure if I’m happy with this block, I may change the centre. In fact the whole quilt I’m not sure of the cohesion but I think once I’ve done a few more it should start to go together a bit more.

As I said above the sign ups are no longer open but you can still find the pattern, the pieces needed and tutorial here.


Miss Hazel Deer Doll aka Miss Audrey

A few months back now I entered a sew along competition on Instagram and I thought I’d share all about it with you now (better late than never right!?)

The competition was run by Dolly Henry and was to celebrate the 1st birthday of her pattern Miss Hazel Deer. It was run like a beauty pageant and was judged by the very talented Molly and Mama. The grand prize was a beautiful big bundle of fabrics from Sew Stitching Happy and the runner-up would receive a voucher to spend in Dolly Henry’s shop, both prizes certainly gave me motivation to take part. Not that I needed a prize to motivate me, I was really excited to give this a try! Plus it’s always fun to sew along with others, the fact there was some super prizes was a bonus!

I have made some felt plushies before but nothing quite like this and I was looking forward to the challenge. It would also mean having a go at making my first garment albeit on a very small-scale!

Of course one of the fun parts of starting a new project is picking the fabrics and trims. I knew as it was for a very special occasion it had to be Liberty!

With that decided I couldn’t wait to get started! The dress was actually easier than I thought it would be and has given me the confidence to try a more human sized garment although I’m still yet to try that.

sweet little extras

I really enjoyed adding the sweet little embellishments, what is more prettier than some Liberty with lace and pearly buttons!?

So please allow me to introduce you to my Hazel doll Miss Audrey, she lives in the South East of England. Her special talent is making people happy with her sweet singing voice.

Miss Audrey

Miss Audrey - Hazel Deer

The button was actually leftover from when I made our wedding invites and I think adds a touch of glamour to her outfit.

Miss Audrey - Hazel Deer

I really enjoyed working on this doll, there were so many beautiful entries from some very talented ladies. I really didn’t expect to win anything, and although I didn’t win first place I was picked as a runner-up to go into the people’s choice award, which meant going to a public Instagram vote.

Guess what… I won! Wow it meant so much to be voted the winner, like I say there were so many great entries I didn’t think I stood a chance!

Writing about this now has got me thinking, I really must make another, a little friend for Miss Audrey!

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Fabric diet fail..

At the start of 2018 I made the resolution to go on a “Fabric diet”, it didn’t necessarily mean I couldn’t buy any fabric but I definitely had to rein in my spending and use up my over-growing stash. I wasn’t completely unrealistic I knew there would be certain fabrics I would need to help use up my stash mainly a white solid.

But like all good diets there are occasions when you fall off the wagon! Firstly was the Sloth fabric from Cloth and Candy I missed out on this last time and was so disappointed, so when I saw it was back in stock I had to break the diet and get a metre of it! I do have plans for this though, it’s going to become a large Makers Tote, you can see the smaller version I made here.

The other sweet fabrics were from Pretty Fabric and Trims and are by Lauren Nash for Penny Rose Fabrics. As soon as I saw Lauren post the picture of her new collection I knew there would have to be another break in the diet! I’ve decided to break this up into a few purchases though and this is part 1! Easier to sneak past the husband this way and will mean more happy mail days!

Of course there are many more fabrics I’m lusting after but I’m determined to be good! Have you seen the Ombre Metallic Confetti by Moda!? Pretty much anything by Cotton and Steel and Heather Ross are also on the wishlist too.

What fabrics are you dreaming of at the moment? What do you do to bust your stash?

I mean seriously how could I resist this sweet fabric!?



Into the Jungle SAL – March

How cute is this little tree frog from this month’s Into the Jungle block!?

Into the Jungle SAL- March

I really enjoyed stitching this one so much so I pretty much did it in one day. I couldn’t pull myself away, just saying to myself 5 more minutes!

It took me back to our honeymoon in Cuba, where one evening whilst having a romantic dinner under a gazebo the cutest little tree frog decided to join us. Now I can never normally describe a frog as cute but there is definitely something very cute about tree frogs. I think that must be why I enjoyed sewing this one so much as it brought back lots of lovely memories! ❤