May round-up

I know I didn’t blog all that much in May but I did still manage to get some sewing done. This is also a few days later than planned as the little Mabel has come down with Chicken Pox.

You may notice a little theme with a certain EPP shape! My favourite, the Clamshell! I love the effect it creates and the fussy cutting opportunities! They are a lovely to make too. Once the fabric is basted onto the paper you applique it onto a base fabric. It’s an enjoyably slow process.

Clamshell Pouch

May Round-up Clamshell Pouch

With these two purses I made the panels quite a while back, and they sat in my orphan block pile for quite some time before I had the courage to turn them into a pouch. The trouble is I spend so much time working on them the last thing I want to do is for it to go all wrong right at the last step!

You may also recognise this little log cabin block. Well that also finally got quilted and turned into a little pouch. Like the two above I had the same fears for this one!

Mini log cabin purse

Next up is this Japanese style Granny bag. You can read all about it here.

Japanese granny bag

I am making good progress on sewing together my Blooming Blossom quilt, in fact I need to take an updated photo as I have managed quite a bit more since this picture! I think I may be finished by the end of the year, so that’s only 2 years in the making! 😁

Blooming Blossom

I made a Wee Travel Pal. Something I didn’t get around to blogging about but you can see more pictures on my Instagram here.

Wee Travel Pal

The pattern is by Laura Cunningham the author of the great The Wee Braw Bag. This handy little fold up folio has hidden slip pockets, a zipped pocket and a vinyl zipped pocket. You can fit so much in there, it will be perfect for taking all my EPP supplies out on the road! The possibilities for this are endless, there are so many fabric combinations you could do and a perfect chance to fussy cut your favourite fabrics. For mine I decided to go scrappy. Mainly because I had a whole heap left over and secondly I just couldn’t decide what fabric I wanted to use so I decided to make my own! You can buy your copy here. I do believe there may well be a Sew-Along soon.

Finally you may remember the little Humpty Dumpty block, well one become 3 more and I now have a sweet little top! I am excited to share it all finished and what it became very soon!

Once Upon a Rhyme


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