A New School Bag – Piggie Backpack

You may remember the bag I made for Mabel at the start of September term last year. You can read about it here. Well as was inevitable she has sadly started to grow out of it! As sad as that is, it is of course the perfect opportunity to make another.

When I first started looking for patterns I saw this one on Etsy. However something stopped me from getting, mainly a) it looked a bit too big and b) a little too complicated for my first attempt. Nevertheless I had it saved in my favourites for something to challenge me in the future.

Well as the time had come to make another I thought I’d be brave and give it a try.

A new school bag - Piggie Backpack

It didn’t take me long to decide on fabric, as soon as I saw the cute piggies by Windham I knew Mabel would love it. She is now at the age where she knows what she does and doesn’t like so I thought I better check with her first and gave her the option of a few others and as I thought she she loved the pigs! However showing her the fabric on the website and telling her what it was for did give me a time pressure, being just 3 and a half she naturally doesn’t understand the concept of having to order the supplies, wait for them and then make it. I must admit I too was a little excited!

With the last bag I was a bit too hasty to get on with it. Which led to mismatched zips, strapping that was not strong enough and interior binding that didn’t match the rest of the bag. I didn’t want to make the same mistake, although only minor things that probably just bothered me they still bother me every time I pick up!

A new school bag - Piggie Backpack

I LOVE this shade of pink! It’s just so perfect and I was so pleased to find zips and webbing that matched so well.

Now everything had arrived I couldn’t wait to get started, although my plan was slightly flawed by the fact half term had arrived and the free time I normally have for sewing would be seriously reduced! I had intended to have the bag finished in time for the start of term but had to accept the fact that this may not be possible. I wasn’t giving up on the idea though.

The pattern comes in 2 sizes, small and regular and includes printable pattern pieces. In comparison to the last bag this is epic. With 2 zipper pockets on the front a zipper pocket inside as well an elasticated pocket and a slip pocket. There is no worry of running out of space for things. In fact I wish I’d made this bag ages ago, it would have been a perfect changing bag! I will be honest though this was not always an easy pattern to decipher and I am glad I had a good amount of sewing experience behind me as well as already making a backpack before. If you are a beginner starting out I wouldn’t recommend this until you are confident. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of instructions but I guess I have been spoilt in the past with step by step explanations and diagrams/photos. Some of it would have a lot of instructions in one step with only one photo to describe the first part of what they mean, if that makes sense? Or would say make a zipper pocket and refer you to the appendix at the end of the pattern with instructions, the photos would be different to the ones they had been using in the pattern so was a little confusing at times!

By some miracle and partly down to a poorly girl curled up dozing on the sofa I was able to get this finished in time for her to wear back at school, her being poorly did mean I got an extra week to finish it though!

Despite my earlier comments about the pattern being a little on the tricky side I have a finished bag that resembles what it should! I always feel a little awkward admitting to being pleased with something I have made and am always quick to pick out flaws but I’m actually really pleased with the finished bag! Even better so is Mabel! It is a lot bigger than her old one, maybe a little too big but at least it will do her good for a while and it will fit plenty in there! I will definitely be making another at some point again.

A new school bag - Piggie Backpack

A new school bag - Piggie Backpack

A new school bag - Piggie Backpack

A new school bag - Piggie Backpack

A new school bag - Piggie Backpack

A new school bag - Piggie Backpack

A New School Bag - Piggie Backpack

Her matching outfit happens to be a total coincidence and not planned at all! :D


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