Slow stitching

Most of this week has been about taking things slow, drinking tea and cross stitching. Going slow is not something I’m particularly good at, but for my mental and physical health it’s what I’m doing.

I’ve been working on various cross stitch projects at the moment, simply as there is nothing more I feel like doing then curling up (ignoring the guilt!) and doing some stitching. This particular new stitch has me slightly hooked, and I can’t seem to tear myself away from it! The pattern is Beauty and the Beast by Soda Stitch. (Hopefully coming to the shop soon! Keep your eyes peeled for updates!!)

I’ve mentioned many times how hand sewing is a good form of therapy for me, and I truly believe it is good for the soul.

Another project is this amazing Alice and Wonderland design by Satsuma Street. I held off on this project for a while, trying to be firm with myself and stick with the projects I already had on the go. But like most sewing projects, resistance is futile, I inevitably give in!

I really love the deep, bold colours of this, I feel like I am down the rabbit hole and stitching in Wonderland!

You may notice in both pictures, sneakily hiding in the background is my Stitch and Go Case. I may be biased but it is so great to have. I have one for each project and it has been very handy when switching between projects and keeping me organised. You can find the pattern here.

How are you all doing? It’s such a difficult time isn’t it! What with the second wave and local lockdowns. If we all stick together or even stitch together, we can and will get through. I feel very lucky to have something I enjoy that I can do in the safety and comfort of my own home.

Stay safe and well x


5 thoughts on “Slow stitching

  1. I have just got out of isolation today, my son contracted the dreaded coronavirus. I can tell you that knowing it is out there in the world is a lot different from knowing that it is in you house. My afternoon session of cross stitching was one of the best things to help me through it all, it was calming and also I needed to concentrate which kept my overactive and worried brain busy for a while. I also finally finished a quilt that had been sitting there for a while.

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    1. Oh Kay I’m so sorry to hear that! How is he doing now? Much better I hope!
      You’ve said it perfectly, it is the perfect combination of relaxation and keeping the mind off worrying things x

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