GRL PWR Fabric – Bette Bag for Riley Blake Designs

Today on the blog it’s all about Girl Power! I have had a lot of fun playing with GRL PWR fabric from new designer to Riley Blake Amber Kemp-Gerstel aka Damask Love. This collection is Amber’s second for RBD and I love it! Slightly different to my usual subtle, pastel, floral choices, it was a joy to work with something bold, colourful, sassy and that celebrates our diversity.

I knew I wanted to make a pouch or bag of some sort with the main print which features so many beautiful faces on, and with perfect timing Sallie Tomato Patterns released a new pattern called the Bette Bag. I was very excited when I saw the pattern it was just exactly what I had in mind.

grl pwr - bette bag

This is my second time making a Sallie Tomato bag and once again it was a joy. Just the right amount of a challenge but with clear enough instructions that you don’t want to throw the bag out the window! Although I won’t lie, a seam ripper and I became well acquainted, mainly from me not reading correctly and having things turn out upside down.

Featuring a double slide zipper flap closure, a zipped mesh pocket, a organiser for brushes, pens etc, elastic bottle (thread) holders, and removable divider pockets (although I chose to omit those).

Grl Pwr - Bette Bag

Similar to the Hudson Bag that I made previously, this bag is not restricted to one use. For display purposes I have used it as a make-up and toiletries case, however it would make a brilliant craft bag.

Grl Pwr - Bette Bag

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this sparkly, rainbow zip I managed to source from Bobbin Girl Bag Making Supplies, what a perfect match for this fabric!!

Grl Pwr - Bette Bag

I don’t think I have ever loved a zip quite so much as this! It is sold by the yard and includes 4 zip pulls. It was the first time using a zip in this way and I was a little apprehensive however there was no need to be, yes it was a little fiddly and took me a couple of attempts to get the pull on the zip, but nothing as bad as I feared! I will definitely using it in more projects!

GRL PWR - Bette Bag
Check out those cute heart zip pulls!
GRL PWR - Bette Bag

There is plenty of room in the main compartment, as I mentioned earlier the pattern does include a removable divider section, I debated whether or not to include it, and figured it would not something I would likely make use of so decided to leave it out. Although if I had I am guessing my brush/pen organiser would have sat better.

GRL PWR - Bette Bag
GRL PWR - Bette Bag

It has been so dark and gloomy here now that we are in winter, so it was lovely to work with such a glorious rainbow of colours!

GRL PWR - Bette Bag

Speaking of a rainbow you may have noticed I have used a variegated rainbow thread throughout! I couldn’t resist!

GRL PWR - Bette Bag
GRL PWR - Bette Bag

This one will more than likely be gifted, but I already have a certain little girl requesting one! I must have enjoyed the pattern because I have agreed!

GRL PWR - Bette Bag

The GRL PWR collection is awesome and I have barely touched the surface of possibilities. I am hoping to squeeze in a few more makes before Christmas for some amazing women in my life.

GRL PWR - Bette Bag

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