Pretty Hexie Pincushion

pretty pincushion2

I thought I would start the year with making something pretty, and you can’t get much prettier with sweet floral Tilda fabrics.

Choices choices

It all started when I came across this little hexie flower in my sewing box, the hardest part was deciding what backing fabric to use. I was drawn to both the dots and the floral, the dots really made it pop but the floral is so pretty! So I put it to some clever ladies on Instagram who all agreed on the dots.

pretty pincushionI decided to go round as inspired by some pretty pincushions by Amy at Nana Company. She really does have the prettiest style! After appliqueing the hexie flower onto the dots I did a little bit of quilting, and joined it together with some matching Tilda fabric.

pretty pincushion2I am pleased with how it turned out but the perfectionist in me wishes it was slightly neater. So although technically I started this last year, I finished it in this year and so I think it is allowed to be called my first make of 2015. Here is to many more pretty makes this year!


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