Aurifil Artisan 2018

Aurifil Artisan 2018

I’m bursting with excitement and feeling incredibly honoured to be able to announce that I am one of the new Aurifil Thread’s Artisan!
It is no secret that I absolutely adore Aurifil, I can remember like it was yesterday the first time I used the thread for my EPP and how I fell in love with it instantly! So to be picked by them to work with such an amazing and talented team of makers just means the world! I’m really looking forward to the year ahead!

For a full list of all the incredible creative you can check out the Aurifil blog post here


My new favourite sewing tool

In this month’s Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine there was a free gift which was a seam roller. I’ll be honest I’ve always been a bit dubious about them and if they actually worked. I’ve tried finger pressing to no good effect and figured they would have a similar affect so have always favoured using an iron to get a nice crisp seam. The thing with relying on an iron is that there is a lot of getting up and down, and even though I do have a Clover Mini Iron the location of my plugs means it is a little awkward to use, not only that I still haven’t quite forgiven it for the very nasty burn it gave me on my finger, although admittedly that was my fault for not paying attention to where it might be hot!

So when I picked up a copy of this month’s issue, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I have 2 blocks of foundation paper piecing blocks cut and ready to sew, but because of the ironing faff it has kinda been left. So after dropping Mabel off at nursery rather than doing some work for the shop I had to give it a go.

My new favourite sewing tool

Wow what can I say, without sounding a little too over-enthusiastic it is life changing! I mean it really does work! Just roller over the seam a few times and it is perfectly flat as if you have done it with an iron. No more getting up and down, no more burnt fingers whilst trying to press at an awkward angle and best of all no fear of little Mabel fingers trying to grab it. It just sits right next to my machine and with the bright colour I should hopefully not lose it too easily!

I finished this block in no time and I’m eager to use it again. This is a tool I definitely recommend you add to your sewing kit. This issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine has only just come out so you must rush out and get one! (I haven’t been paid to say this!) The projects look pretty great too! Once you’ve given it a try let me know what you think. What are your favourite sewing tools? I’d love to hear.

swedish bloom block with my new seam roller



Blooming Blossom Quilt – Box 4

Just a quick post to share with you my progress on box 4 of my Blooming Blossom quilt. I know I say it every month but I’m so in love with this. The fabric that Sew and Quilt have chosen is just so beautiful and uses fabric that I wouldn’t normally pick and yet I really love! I am a little behind on my joining blocks and I really should start sewing it all together but at the moment I am really enjoying seeing a pretty stack of blossoms.

Blooming blossom quilt - box 4

I hope you enjoy the May bank holiday and have some lovely sunny weather, it’s looking promising here so far!

If you get a chance to have a look I am having a sale in my shop starting today through till midnight Monday. 15 % off all items. There is no need for a code all prices have been adjusted.

May day sale

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Tutorial – How to shorten a closed end zip

How to shorten a closed end zipYou have your pattern that your eager to start making but the only zip you have is too big.

No problem! In this quick and easy tutorial I’ll show you  how to shorten any size closed end zip so it fits the project you need.

What you’ll need:

  • Zip
  • Ruler
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Needle and thread

To start with let me explain that a zip is measured from the start of the pull to the end where there is a stopper, which is usually metal. In this picture the zip I’ve used has a plastic one.

How to measure a zip

So as you can see in the picture above this zip is 9 inches, it then has half an inch either side to allow for your seam allowance.

Next you need to take the fabric and put your zip alongside it to see where you need to cut.

how to shorten a zip

Carefully with your rotary cutter cut the zip along the edge of the fabric. If you don’t have a rotary cutter you could mark with a pen and cut with a pair of scissors. I prefer to use a rotary cutter as it copes better with the plastic part of the zip.

Next you need to secure the end so the zip pull doesn’t come off the end. Using a coordinating thread whip stitch near to the end of the zip about 1/4 inch.

Whip stitch is quite simply making a single stitch on top of each other. I tend to do it 10-15 times.

If the zip in the pattern is a different size to the fabric, simply measure from the zip pull the length required and add an extra half an inch. Whip stitch as above.

Your zip is now ready to use as normal.

How to shorten a zip

I hope you have found this helpful! This is my first ever tutorial so please feel free to ask any questions or let me know if I’ve not been very clear.


How to shorten a closed end zip





Hello Spring! Finally!

Hello Spring embroidery

If I’m allowed to be truly British for a moment and talk about the weather?

Finally we have some sunshine, hip, hip hooray! What perfect timing for this lovely embroidery project! When I first started picking threads for this just over a week ago it was wet, cold, and very grey, definitely not spring weather. However as if by magic as I made a start the sun came out and by Monday we had glorious sunshine.

The project was from Mollie Makes magazine and by Lolli and Grace, it was supposed to be a week-long stitch along but in my true style I was a little behind the times. As soon as I saw the pattern it was one of those moments I knew I had to stop everything else and stitch it. The incentive of course is summer will soon be here and my husband joking that I’ll never be finished before then! Also with it being so wet and grey I needed something bright and cheerful and spring like! Plus as some of you know peonies are my all time favourite flower!

Hello Spring

I mean just look at those colours! How could you feel grey with those!?

This week has just been the most perfect weather, we (I!) have got quite a lot done with the garden (not that we have much of a garden, more a small yard!). Mabel has been outside everyday playing and it’s been perfect! Its meant I’ve been able to sit out there watching her play whilst stitching this.

Hello Spring

I’ll admit the peony did intimidate me a little, I wasn’t feeling brave about my ability to blend the colours and not make it look like a bit of a mess! So I worked on it little by little, although in the original SAL that was day 1. The advantage of being behind is I could pick and choose where I stitched! I also had some encouragement from Lolli and Grace herself when I mentioned it was making me nervous.

Hello Spring

I’m feeling a little chuffed with the finished look (if I’m allowed!?), mainly because I actually managed to finish it but I’ve also learnt a new way of stitching (the blending) and my French knots are slowly improving, something that I seem to be taking forever to master!

I’m now going to hang it up with pride until summer arrives, which knowing the British weather will take forever to get here, and not stay around for long!

It is no longer available on the Mollie Makes website but you can find the pattern and full tutorial here.

Hello Spring!

Hello Spring embroidery


Mandolin Quilt Update

I had hoped to have a couple more of these blocks finished before I shared an update with you, but seeing as my progress has got a little (ok a lot) behind I thought I’d share the one block I have finished since my last post on this.

Mandolin quilt block

I’m really happy with this one. I mainly used one of my favourite fabric ranges by Elea Lutz but I also threw in a bit of cute Lecien for good measure. The original plan had been to use a solid fabric for the outer diamonds but I didn’t quite have the exact shade I wanted. Seeing as this is supposed to be a stash buster quilt I found this sweet gingham fabric to finish it off instead. I love how this quilt is taking on its own direction!

Now I really must get on and start planning my next blocks especially as I now have two unopened envelopes of paper pieces just waiting to be used! I think I may have to cut into my new pile of Bunnies and Bloom fabric!


Tiny Floral Toddler Apron

I’ve been trying to have a bit of a sort out and was going through some books the other day deciding if they were destined for the charity shop or not. One book was about to go in the charity pile when I spotted the cutest little pattern for a toddler apron in there that I knew I had to try.

Mabel is seriously into her arts and crafts and especially loves painting and sticking, and while I try not to inhibit this with fears of her getting paint all over the place it would be nice to have something to cover her up. She does have a cheap plastic one that I got from the local supermarket, but in my mind what would benefit would it be if I can sew but didn’t make her one!

Half the difficulty was trying to decide which fabric to pick! I wanted it cute but at the same time I didn’t want to use something too cute and designer because being an apron it was destined to get stained and dirty!

I came across this floral fabric that had been buried in my stash and there was a couple of metres so decided it was perfect for at least a first attempt. The next hurdle was deciding what binding to use. I had initially planned on using purple but on closer look at the pattern realised I didn’t have enough, and rather wait and order some more I decided to go with yellow.

On my initial planning I thought it really worked and I loved the pop of colour but as I was working on it I became and less and less sure. I even put it to a vote on Instagram and reassuringly 78% of people said it worked! I do love that feature on instagram! It’s like having a bunch of friends round your house helping you pick an outfit! I guess the yellow for me was a little out of my comfort zone, it’s not often I will do something of such contrast.

Tiny Floral Toddler Apron

Tiny Floral Toddler Apron

Tiny Floral Toddler Apron

It was super easy to make, I managed it in just a couple of hours and I’m pleased with how it looks, of course I haven’t been able to get it on her yet!! LOL! I’m thinking maybe I should have gone with something more pink and cute and then maybe she would! I live and learn! :D