Christmas Cake

For the last few years I always say I would bake a Christmas cake but for one reason or another I left it too late or never got round to making it. This year with Mabel being a bit older I really want to start some Christmas traditions with her, and not forgetting my husband loves Christmas cake! So this year I have made sure I made enough time for it!Christmas cake baking

I used a Mary Berry recipe from my old faithful book of hers, but after I found another recipe online that she claims is the one she uses every year and I wish I had used that! I can’t quite believe how much fruit is in it, I do have plenty left over and am debating making a Christmas pudding on Stir up Sunday (21st November), but my husband is the only one who would eat it so maybe not? As you can imagine the smell of the cake baking in the oven smelt amazing! I’m not normally a fan of Christmas cake but I think I may have to indulge this year!

Christmas Cake

The cake had an obligatory feed of brandy before being wrapped up and stored away. I will feed it every couple of weeks until it is ready to be decorated, the exciting bit! I’m off now to Pinterest to get some inspiration for my decoration!

Are you making a Christmas cake this year? What is your favourite recipe?




4 thoughts on “Christmas Cake

  1. Hi Sarah, we used to write ages ago when I lived in America but I did notice I still follow your blog on bloglovin! : ). Congratulations on your lovely daughter she is so cute and it’s wonderful to see you back with your cooking and crafts. I’m back in Australia now with my darling hubby and we’ve just finished building our beautiful home by the beach! I did make a trial Christmas cake last weekend, I eat gluten free now so I made a GF tropical fruit cake (we live in a tropical area so it was ideal), it turned out lovely so I’ll be getting more fruit to make the real one soon and more brandy! : ) Hugs Lindsey

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    1. Hi Lindsey! Lovely to hear from you! Congratulations on achieving your dream of your own house in Oz. I bet it’s amazing. Tropical fruit cake sounds yummy and very fitting for where you’re living. I hope you’re both well. Thank you for getting in touch! Xx


  2. My mother in law always makes the Christmas cakes- tradition! And we go round and make a wish while stirring. My little boy got to make his first wish this year. I guess next year I’ll have to start making my own. B


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