Stitch and Go Case – New Pattern Release!

I’m so excited today to be sharing with you my first pattern – The Stitch and Go Case.

Stitch and Go Case - New Pattern Release!

As you know I’m a keen cross stitcher, and especially a fan of an SAL (sew-along). I wanted something that held all I needed that I could just grab and take with me. It needed to hold my chart, fabric, hoop, floss and scissors etc. Quite often with cross stitch projects and SAL’s the pattern requires a lot of floss. With that all in mind I came up with this!

I have tried various storage options in the past. A pretty tin, but that couldn’t hold my hoop, and the floss got all mixed up, meaning rifling (and inevitably unraveling) through to find the colour needed. I also have used a pretty bowl to store my floss for a project, but that is not so practical for a year long SAL. Notions pouches, vinyl pouches all sorts. Nothing seemed to be able to carry everything. Then, earlier this year my good friend Jennifer sent me a beautiful floss case. I put it to use immediately and it was wonderful! However I still needed something for my fabric, hoop and scissors. 

Around the same time Atsuko Matsuyama released her latest collection, which had a beautiful cross stitch theme in her classic 1930’s style. Considering for some time before this I had been planning on designing a folder for my cross stitching it seemed symbiotic!

Stitch and Go Case - New Pattern Release!

With the threat of lockdown racing towards us fast, I knew I wanted to be prepared if I had to pack a bag at a moments notice; if needing to self isolate or go into hospital or something I wanted to have some sewing with me! Fatalistic I know, but after the year I’ve had so far I didn’t want to take any chances!! lol!

Anyway, after a lot of trial and error, experimenting with different sizes and different layouts I finally came up with something I was happy with. It was now a case (no pun intended)writing how I made it down.

This handy case will hold everything you need for your stitchy project! It features 2 large side pockets, big enough to hold a 7″ hoop and your fabric.

Stitch and Go Case - New Pattern Release!

2020-07-14 15.07.46.jpg

A useful vinyl zip pocket to hold bits and pieces like your scissors and spare needles. I’ve also found it handy to have a little cut out of the colour chart in there for quick reference.

Stitch and Go Case - New Pattern Release!

20 vinyl floss pockets, big enough so if you write the code number on the top of the bobbin like I do you’ll be able to see straight away which is which. They are just the right width to keep them nice and neat, without unraveling or falling out if tipped the wrong way around.

Stitch and Go Case - New Pattern Release

It also features a hideaway slip pocket behind the zip pocket, perfect for storing your pattern, a piece of felt for your needle, and an extra handy slip pocket for any other little extras you may want to store.

Stitch and Go Case - New Pattern Release!

Obviously I put the first one I made straight to use, and I loved how handy it was. Not only that I can curl up on the sofa, flip open my case and have all my threads ready to go on the arm of the chair, that side pocket fits a pencil perfectly too, so I can cross anything off as I go!

Stitch and Go Case - New Pattern Release! 

It makes for quite a comfortable and enjoyable stitching experience!

I have also included the option to have either a ribbon, or elastic and button closure. I know not everyone has a stash of buttons, or even ribbon, so you could always use binding or scraps of fabrics.

Stitch and Go Case - New Pattern Release!

The pattern is the perfect stash buster, not only is it fat quarter friendly, it also gives you the perfect opportunity to have some fussy cutting fun. I have included handy hints in the pattern which will tell you which fabrics will be on show or not, so you don’t end up with your favourite fabrics hidden. Have fun adding little embellishments too and making the pattern your own!

2020-07-14 15.36.48.jpg

This pattern is ideal for the adventurous beginner or an intermediate level. I’m only at the end of an email if you get stuck or need any help.

I hope you have fun with the pattern and if you do make one I’d love to see!

You can purchase the pattern here and to celebrate its release (and my birthday today) you will find 15% off the pattern until Midnight on Friday 17th 2020.


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