Flower Power Pillow

Despite being able to sew I’ve been pretty rubbish at furnishing our home, and have made do with buying all our cushions and curtains. I’ve always begrudged doing this but time and feeling a little short on inspiration I’ve made do with buying.

So I was flicking through the new issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine the other day. I don’t normally get much time to read magazines but as I follow them on Instagram I had a feeling this issue (Issue 49) was worth getting. I wasn’t wrong, there are at least 3 projects I want to try, something that normally never happens. Usually I’ll look through a magazine and think nice projects but there hasn’t been any times where I’ve been compelled to make something straight away from it!

Flower Power Cushion

I love this design! It reminds me of Orla Kiely! The pattern was originally in bright bold colours and had 3 flowers. I decided to go with a subtle grey, white and pink to go with the colours in our lounge and made it as a cushion with just the two flowers.

I actually really enjoyed making this, like putting together a puzzle with all the different shapes. I think I will make another for the other side of the sofa!

Flower Power Cushion

I think in the days before Mabel this would have only taken a day or two to make! This however took almost a week!

Flower Power Cushion

It’s the second time I used my walking foot and what a difference it makes!! I decided to use a pink thread to quilt as supposed to white, I think it adds a nice touch. Although I’m wondering if I should have quilted 1 inch apart from 2 inch?

Flower Power Cushion

Overall I think I am happy, and it’s nice to have finished something and have it display in the home. If you fancy making this yourself issue 49 I believe is still for sale. The pattern is by Lindsey Neil – @penandpaperpatterns

Flower Power Cushion


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