Happy Hexies – Floral Coaster

I think you know me well enough by now to know that I love hexies! So when my mum kindly gave me a copy of the new book Happy Hexies by Boutique Sha I knew it wouldn’t be long before I made something from it!

My lack of posts recently is because we’ve been on holiday, I had planned on doing some sewing whilst away but unfortunately our little girl became quite poorly and so there was not much time to do anything.

To get back some time and feel like I’ve achieved something I picked one of the smaller projects and went with the hexie coaster.

Happy Hexies

Once I’d pulled my fabric I realised I am guilty of using the same fabrics over and over! I am just obsessed with tiny pink florals! I am determined for the next couple of projects to use some different coloured fabrics!

Happy Hexies Floral Coaster



This project really suited my needs, not only did it come together quickly but it’s also completely hand sewn, so it’s perfect to sit and do of an evening while watching TV with the husband. There are elements that you could do on the machine if you wished, like the quilting and the binding, but I do love the charm of hand quilting and strangely I really enjoy hand sewing binding, although mitered corners and me are not the best of friends! I will say if you need to practice your corners this is definitely the project for you! I did unpick the binding and redo it as I was not completely happy but now it’s finished I am pleased with it, and will make some more! It would make a nice little gift for someone, especially as the pattern comes with a matching place mat.

Happy Hexies Floral Coaster

Happy Hexies Floral Coaster


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