Shop talk

A little shop announcement..

You may have heard recently that Etsy are changing the way they charge their sellers. If you haven’t let me explain…

From the 16th of July all sellers will now be charged a 5% commission fee on all sales. This is an increase of 1.5%, not only that but Etsy will also be taking a 5% commission fee on any shipping fees we charge.

This has been a huge blow to the Etsy seller community with many of us as you can imagine being very upset about the increases. I have thought long and hard about the future of my shop, going from wanting to close it completely to wanting to remain open.

I create because I love too and I enjoy it. It seems so sad after 10 years of having the shop to say goodbye, so for the moment I’m sticking with it.

Unfortunately because of these fee increases it does mean I’ve had to rethink my pricing structure. My prices have stayed the same for the last 10 years and alas it is now time I have to make some adjustments and raise the prices slightly although shipping prices will remain the same.

new logo

You may have noticed I’ve had a bit of a re-brand! Well I’ve been wanting to take the shop to a new level for some time and it seemed that this moment was a perfect time to do that.

new coin purses

Introducing my new style of coin purse! These palm sized poppets are perfect for carrying about those pesky coins that seem to disappear to the bottom of you bag or pocket when you need them most. They’re also perfect for the sweet little people in your life who need somewhere to carry their precious pocket-money. Of course you don’t have to exclusively use them for coins! There are limitless tiny things that you could put in there to keep them nice and safe.

As will all my items they are made with 100% designer cotton fabric, are fully lined and have a soft fleece padding, that not only gives them a nice soft and padded feel but a good bit of structure and protection for any precious items like jewellery. The frame is glued in using strong textile glue so you have no fear of it falling apart.

Excited? :D These 6 purses will be listed in my Etsy shop tonight at 7pm (BST) and I am already preparing some more which I hope to have listed after the weekend.

Another exciting update to the shop is the way I sound out my parcels. In an attempt to reduce plastic waste I am  phasing out my current plastic mailing bags and am switching over to 100% recyclable packaging. So, if you purchase one of these new purses it will come to you in a sweet little mailing box that can easily fit through your letterbox. I would advise that you take care when opening it so as not to damage your goodies inside! I hope to be able to do the same with my Kindle cases soon too.

New packaging

I hope you like these new purses as much as me and I welcome any comments or feedback.

Kinder coin purse


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