Christmas Sewing Prep

Now it’s November I feel I can finally start prepping the Christmas sewing. I actually started a couple of weeks ago but in true Saysie style I am only now just blogging about it!

Every year I have so many plans to make so many things, whether that be gifts, decorations or tasty food. In attempt to get ahead with all of this I am trying to start now, but as my list gets longer the time I have to do it gets shorter!

Christmas Sewing

I have started off with these cute Santa tags, the pattern came from an issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting, the plan is to make some more and turn it into a cushion, I’m taking bets on whether or not this will happen!? Finished or not how cute are these Dear Stella Santa’s? Perfect for some festive fussy cutting! I’d also love to use this pattern to make some cute festive gift tags, although I need to master the art of inserting rivets, something I am not entirely confident with (not that I’ve even tried yet).

Festive sewing


Speaking of Festive fussy cutting these mice from Cotton+Steel are giving me a case of the serious heart eyes! A favourite Instagram account I follow Sunny Day Supply was hosting a Stocking Sew Along through the month of October but I was late to the party! It doesn’t entirely matter though as I am still in time for Christmas!!

Festive Sewing

They had come up with a beautiful diamond stocking that I fell in love with straight away. I knew I wanted to make one but the thought of sewing diamonds did make me a little nervous. With EPP it is easy enough to keep your points sharp, but cutting on the bias and sewing them on the machine I knew I was asking for trouble!

How lucky was it then that they produced a pattern so you could do it by foundation paper piecing, so rather cleverly instead of sewing strips of diamonds together it became rectangles, much more manageable!

The next task was to add some handquilting and for this I used Aurifil’s Aurifloss #2692

festive sewing

I do love the contrast of the low volume fabrics with the black hand quilting. It’s not your typical Christmas colours but I love that about it! Now to just turn it into a stocking and decide who to gift it too!

Festive Sewing

So another project I have started, (do you see a theme here? lots of starting’s and not a lot of finishing’s!) is this fun Retro Snaps Cushion by Lou Orth. She is currently running a fun sew-along for her new pattern, I couldn’t resist finally cutting into my Heather Ross Sugar Plum fabric. I have been waiting for something special to make with this and it seemed like a perfect project!

Festive Sewing

I love how the design of the pattern makes it look like an old strip of film, and it will be nice to have a few festive cushions to brighten up the lounge this Christmas!

Also on my sewing list are some table decorations. I had hoped to last year but I didn’t get around to it. I really must crack on because December really is rushing towards us!

What is on your Christmas to make list? How are you getting on with it? I hope you are doing better than me!



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