A Year to Inspire

I have just come across the most inspiring and pretty awesome blog and feel the need to share it with you. A Year to Inspire is created by two friends Stephanie and Annetta and is about their art journaling in 2014. Taking hints and prompts from this book the girls will blog their journals each day.

Diptych 1_1_edited-1

IMG_5524journalDay 22-2IMG_5474 Day 15-2 Day 2-2 Day 3

I have literally spent the last hour and a bit reading each post and admiring the pictures. The photography is beautiful, and that alone is filled with inspiration. Once I had read the last post I swiftly took myself off to Amazon and downloaded a copy of the book.

Now I’m not going to kid myself that I am going to do this and blog about it everyday, because I know what I am like and try as I might I know that ultimately I will fail in the challenge. A bit defeatist you might think but unfortunately it’s true.

One of my resolutions this year was to improve my photography, take more pictures and blog more frequently. Sometimes I’m stuck with inspiration of what to write, and sometimes even the Daily Post doesn’t inspire and when those times strike I now have another source of inspiration. I’m looking forward to following the girls journey and hopefully creating an interesting one for myself.

Check them out, and get inspired yourself! :)


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