Year-long Photography Challenge


camera challenge(Photo Credit: Isabel Pavia)

Your mission should you choose to accept is to over the next 12 months see how many of the following you can photograph.

* A sunrise

* A sunset

* Horses

* The ocean

* A forest

* A wild open space

* An ice cream sundae

* Fireworks

* The view from your bed

* A wise looking tree

* A bird in flight

* A jumping cat

* A sleeping dog

* A self-portrait using a photo booth

* A celebrity

* A city skyline

* Colourful flowers

* Street art

* A portrait

* A group portrait

* The view from the window in your home

* A busy dance floor

* The flag of your country blowing in the wind

* A breath taking view

* Dancers

* The contents of your bag laid out

* A baby animal

* A large crowd

* A flower or plant in 3 stages of its life, see, sprout and in full bloom

* A rollercoaster

* A historical landmark

* Moving water

* A kiss

* A home baked cake

* A market stall

* A portrait of a stranger

* A Christmas tree

* A cocktail

* A swimming pool

* A spider’s web first thing in the morning

* Clouds

* Someone you love

* A thing you love

* A rainbow

* A snowman

* Rain on the window

* Bokeh

* Something yellow

* Something blue

* Something green

* Something red

* Something pink

* Something orange

* Something black

* Something white

* Something you really want

Taken from 365 Journal Writing Ideas by Rossi Fox

I’m looking forward to this challenge, sometimes I struggle for inspiration with my photography, and I’m hoping that this will re-ignite my passion.  I will be posting my snaps on here, so keep an eye out :) Fancy joining in on the challenge? Leave a comment below and maybe we can get a Flickr group going?





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