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Happy Mother’s Day

mum and me

I hope you are all enjoying Mothers Day, either being spoilt or doing the spoiling. I’m feeling sad.. I didn’t get to see my mum today. She is currently going through chemo and her immune system is dangerously low, meaning any infection she could pick up could seriously affect her. So she is in quarantine and because I’ve not been well I can’t go and see her :(


But hey we should be cheery, the clocks have gone forward and spring is officially here! We’ve had some lovely weather this weekend, and the weather folks are saying its the warmest day of the year so far. So lovely to look out the window at 7pm and see that it is still light. Lots of exciting times ahead for our little puppy :)

In other news I have been drawn back to my sewing machine, it doesn’t take long before it calls me back. I’ve been struggling deciding which directions to take the shop in, my problem is I like making things too much! But due to popular demand and the fact I can’t resist a stash of fabric the coin purses are making a comeback to the shop! I’ve been having a bit of a change-up though and there will be more Zakka style purses, using beautiful linens and fabulous florals.

tilda closeup

Finally to celebrate my little Facebook Page reaching 100 likes I am having a little giveaway.


For a chance to win this coin purse and handmade buttons, hop over to the page. Like the page, share the post and leave a comment telling me what is your favourite item in the shop, it can be something in the sold items. Competition is open until next Sunday 6th April.



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