Easter Baking

Easter baking

I hope you are enjoying the Easter holiday, we have been blessed with some lovely spring weather. I had a go at the hot cross buns yesterday. It seemed to take me all day to make them, and if I’m honest I was not best pleased with the end result.

Easter baking

It’s not a recipe I will use again, I wasn’t sure about it when it didn’t tell me to activate the yeast, and to put the yeast straight in and to use cold milk. Of course this meant it took forever to prove and didn’t rise properly. The glaze they told me to use milk and sugar, instead of water and sugar?! When I’m trying a recipe like this for the first time I don’t quite have enough faith in myself to change a recipe, and like stick to it word for word. I should have gone with my gut and warmed the milk! The end result is they are a little dense, they don’t have the soft squidgy texture like the ones you buy, oh and I forgot to add the salt so they don’t taste so good either :(

The cross didn’t come out so well either! All in all I am disappointed with this bake, BUT it hasn’t put me off, I will give them another try… but not this weekend.

While I was waiting around for the dough to prove, I made on hubbie’s request some cornflake cakes. Something more manageable!

Easter baking

Now these did taste good! :) I do plan to eat ALOT of chocolate this weekend, because after that I need to go on a healthy eating kick!

Easter baking

Happy Easter to you, hope you enjoy the weekend x


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