Bluebirds on Roses Economy Block Cushion

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I shared with you some economy blocks I had been working on. It was one of those projects I started with no end product in mind, I was just having fun with it.

I knew I wanted a quick project and so a quilt was out of the question, although the fabrics are so sweet it was definitely tempting! Maybe one day!


After half a dozen blocks my mind was made up, it was going to be a cushion! It was satisfying having made a decision and I was excited to know the end was in sight. The next decider was my usual quandary how am I going to quilt it!?

Bluebirds on Roses Economy Block Cushion

To suit this sweet retro style fabric I knew it had to be hand quilted and anyway I was up for a nice hand quilted project so it was meant to be.

I used my new favourite thread Aurifil 12wt thread in colours #2425 and #2024. I know I said this in my last post it really is a joy to sew with, it handles all those layers beautifully and has a lovely sheen on it, I also love the texture you get.

I was determined to not let this sit half finished like a few panels I have at the moment so I swiftly cut out the back fabric for it. I quite often do an envelope back for a cushion but I don’t like how sometimes you can get a bit of a gape in the opening if the cushion is a bit bulky so I thought I’d brave it and go for a zip. I know I have sewn a lot of zippers over the years and shouldn’t be scared but I was so worried about spoiling the project I had been working on over the last few weeks!

Bluebirds on Roses Economy Block Cushion

Bluebirds on Roses Economy Block Cushion

I am really pleased with how this turned out, although it’s all down to the fabric really, it is just so pretty!!

Bluebirds on Roses Economy Block Cushion

I could have gone with a solid for the backing, but this white floral print from the range is my absolute favourite and so what better way to showcase it then for an entire pillow back. I figured out a way of hiding the zip as I didn’t have any concealed zippers, it is going to be my new way of doing pillow openings! No more envelope backs!

Bluebirds on Roses Economy Block Cushion

I am so happy with the hand quilting.  Not only did I really enjoy stitching it of an evening and even though it took me a lot longer than if I had just machine quilted, I love the effect.

When I started this project, it was destined for Mabel’s room, but I think it may have to sit on the sofa in the lounge for a little while first!

I certainly see more economy blocks in my future, it is a perfect way of showcasing favourite fabrics. To make mine I use Foundation Paper Piecing, this way technically they will turn out right, although full disclosure time, my printer decided to print some of my blocks 0.5″ too big, which led to me having to trim them down (no way was I going to waste precious fabric and start again!) and losing nice crisp points on some of them :( I’m trying to learn the beauty in imperfections and am going to embrace it. I’m hoping the cute fabrics and hand stitching will distract the eye away from mismatched sizes!

Bluebirds on Roses Economy Block Cushion

It has Louie’s approval anyway!

This fabric is available in my shop if you fancy making your own. Some of the prints have almost gone so be quick to avoid disappointment.


2 thoughts on “Bluebirds on Roses Economy Block Cushion

  1. I have just found your blog and am thrilled with all of the pretty things you make. I am now happily following with Bloglovin’. x


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