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Spring stitching progress

It feels a like I have spent most of this year feeling unwell, I seem to recover and then a day or so later I feel rubbish again, I finally took myself off to the doctor this week and it turns out I need a blood test to see what’s going on, one theory… Glandular Fever :( Of course being the NHS I have to wait nearly two weeks for the test!

I haven’t really felt up to getting on the sewing machine so instead I have used the time to curl up and catch up on my stitching club hexagons, and I have finally caught up!

Embroidered Hexagons: Spring StitchingEmbroidered Hexagons: Spring Stitching Embroidered Hexagons: Spring Stitching Embroidered Hexagons: Spring StitchingEmbroidered Hexagons: Spring StitchingI have to say I’ve really enjoyed doing this project it has been very rewarding. There are just 3 more patterns to arrive and I’m looking forward to seeing what they are! In  the meantime I’m going to sew these hexagons together. It’s been so long since I last made a quilt and I had forgotten how enjoyable and satisfying it is, even if it is a little time consuming.

I’ll be back again soon for another update.



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