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People Make Etsy

I was very excited to find out that Etsy aired it’s first advert on UK TV’s last night. Being the shy person I am I chose not to apply when the casting call was announced, however Etsy being as awesome as they are have given each UK seller a chance to appear in the advert! I’m bursting with pride as I share this video with you now…


Pretty impressive huh? If your an Etsy seller yourself and would like your own advert click here. Etsy will add your shop details to the last 10 seconds, be sure to click the email me in the last step, where they will email you a link to You Tube and also a link so you can download the video and share to where you like. Use the tag #PeopleMakeEtsy.

If your a blogger you won’t be able to upload the video to your blog (well I couldn’t do it) so instead I embedded it by getting the link from You Tube. Click on the text tab to add the link then switch back to visual.

To see the items that are featured in the advert you can click here.

In other news, I am officially a World Cup Widow and so I am planning to get a mammoth amount of crafting done. I will be sharing my progress with you soon.

Happy Friday!



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