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A trip to London

Hub and I went to London on Sunday to see the English National Ballet perform Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Albert Hall. To say it was amazing would be an understatement! What made the performance even more special for me was it was Daria Klimentova’s last ever performance. It was very emotional and a huge privilege to be a part of her final show.

Romeo and Juiliet Royal Albert Hall

Farewell DariaFarewell DariaFarewell Dariafarewell Daria

As the show was a matinee we went for a bit of a stroll afterwards, the weather was perfect!

skater boy skater boyskater skater girlskaters

A walk through Hyde Park we came across a group of skaters with the music blaring it was great to watch!


Sweet little cherubs on the gates.

The Rose GardenThe Rose Gardenrose

The beautiful rose garden.

Speakers CornerSpeakers CornerSpeakers CornerSpeakers Corner

Some strange folks at Speakers Corner.

London EyeA walk down The Embankment

Ice CreamHaving an Ice Cream along the way.

Big Ben

Finished off with the bell tolls of Big Ben. A really lovely day!


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