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A day at the seaside

On Monday we celebrated hubbie’s birthday by going to the seaside for the day. It was made even more exciting because it was Louie’s first time at the beach.


What else is to be done but have a Mr Whippy ice cream and Louie got to have one too, his first one.!

2014-07-07 13.27.10 2014-07-07 13.27.06

I think he liked it! Then it was time to go for his first swim!DSC_0052He was a little unsure, so I lead him out on his leash, and then when I let him off, he was off! And we couldn’t stop him, he had a great time!


I’ve never seen him run so fast or for so long, he looked so happy. He was completely exhausted when we got home bless him.

beach huts

Love the bright colours of these beach huts.

On the way home, we just by accident passed a fabric shop that I have shopped online from, and even though it was hubbie’s birthday he let me go and have a look!

DSC_0159 DSC_0160 DSC_0161

I tried to be quick as I promised, but look at all this fabric, this only some of it! I don’t think I’ve seen so much fabric in one place, I was in heaven. It would have been rude not to be in such a shop and not make a purchase, so I happily obliged and bought myself some goodies :)

All in all a good day was had by all, and I even caught the sun a little!


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