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One photo every week for a year. 

When I set myself this challenge I had Mabel in my mind as my subject. I forgot however that getting a non fuzzy nicely posed photo of her is near on impossible these days! 

Except today, today I have a poorly poppet and it’s horrible. There is really nothing worse than seeing your baby unwell. I have a feeling it’s her teeth but I’m not certain, if only she could talk and tell me! I’m hoping for a better day tomorrow! 

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September already!?

OK so I know I start every month off with  I can’t believe its …. *insert month here* but I REALLY can’t believe it’s September. I feel like I must have slept through most of August, which is entirely possible given how unwell I have been, and now I wake up to see autumn is rolling in, it’s hibernation in reverse!

Anyway here is a few snapshots from August. You can see the rest in my Instagram feed. IMG_20140901_093333

Lots of baking in there inspired by The Great British Bake Off, have you been watching? What are your thoughts on the “Bincident”?

In the bottom right hand corner of the mosaic there is a little peek at the top I mentioned in my last post, the neckline is unfinished and I just used cheapy polycotton fabric but it was fun to make nonetheless. I doubt it will make an appearance in the outside world!

Speaking of instagram a new month means a whole new month of #fmsphotoaday!

2014-08-24 23.30.19

Simply take a photo of the prompt on that day and post it to instagram with the #fmsphotoaday. It’s lots of fun! :) Not on instagram? They have a facebook group too!

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A day at the seaside

On Monday we celebrated hubbie’s birthday by going to the seaside for the day. It was made even more exciting because it was Louie’s first time at the beach.


What else is to be done but have a Mr Whippy ice cream and Louie got to have one too, his first one.!

2014-07-07 13.27.10 2014-07-07 13.27.06

I think he liked it! Then it was time to go for his first swim!DSC_0052He was a little unsure, so I lead him out on his leash, and then when I let him off, he was off! And we couldn’t stop him, he had a great time!


I’ve never seen him run so fast or for so long, he looked so happy. He was completely exhausted when we got home bless him.

beach huts

Love the bright colours of these beach huts.

On the way home, we just by accident passed a fabric shop that I have shopped online from, and even though it was hubbie’s birthday he let me go and have a look!

DSC_0159 DSC_0160 DSC_0161

I tried to be quick as I promised, but look at all this fabric, this only some of it! I don’t think I’ve seen so much fabric in one place, I was in heaven. It would have been rude not to be in such a shop and not make a purchase, so I happily obliged and bought myself some goodies :)

All in all a good day was had by all, and I even caught the sun a little!

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Hello July!

I can’t quite believe we are in July already! It’s birthday month for hub and I and summer is here at last. July sure is my favourite month!

I came across something that looks like it’s going to be great fun and is right up my street. It’s a photo a day challenge which takes place each month and is the brain child of Aussie mum and blogger Chantelle, of Fat Mum Slim.

July - Photo a day

As you can see each day is allocated a theme and all you need to do is to take a photo using the prompt as inspiration. You post the pictures on Instagram using the tag #fmsphotoaday. For more information look here.  This clever lady has also just released what looks like a really lovely photo app, but sadly for me it’s for iphones only and as I have an android I will have to wait in hope she will do a version for us android users. You can find all the details on her fab blog.

The challenge looks like it’s going to be great fun and I’m looking forward to trying to come up with something for each day. Its been quite cool looking through the tag and seeing other peoples interpretation of the prompt.

As you can see today is ‘red and white’, Chantelle saying the inspiration behind this is it’s Canada day today!

FMS Photo a day

My interpretation of it. Not the best quality but it was taken on my phone. Follow me here to see my progress.

I’ve been working on my hexagons a lot lately, it’s so addicting! I’ve made quite good progress, as you can see!

I have just 7 more flowers to make and then it’ll be time to sew it all together! Exciting! I’m right on track to get this quilt top completed by the end of the World Cup. I love the rainbow of colours! It’s going to be a very colourful quilt!

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A trip to London

Hub and I went to London on Sunday to see the English National Ballet perform Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Albert Hall. To say it was amazing would be an understatement! What made the performance even more special for me was it was Daria Klimentova’s last ever performance. It was very emotional and a huge privilege to be a part of her final show.

Romeo and Juiliet Royal Albert Hall

Farewell DariaFarewell DariaFarewell Dariafarewell Daria

As the show was a matinee we went for a bit of a stroll afterwards, the weather was perfect!

skater boy skater boyskater skater girlskaters

A walk through Hyde Park we came across a group of skaters with the music blaring it was great to watch!


Sweet little cherubs on the gates.

The Rose GardenThe Rose Gardenrose

The beautiful rose garden.

Speakers CornerSpeakers CornerSpeakers CornerSpeakers Corner

Some strange folks at Speakers Corner.

London EyeA walk down The Embankment

Ice CreamHaving an Ice Cream along the way.

Big Ben

Finished off with the bell tolls of Big Ben. A really lovely day!

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Anniversay Cake

I hope your enjoying your weekend, it’s so nice to finally have some nice weather. I thought I would share with you the cake I made for our anniversary. We had to postpone our plans due to me being poorly, but I’m pleased to say I’m feeling much better each day.

Anniversary cake

The cake is a classic sponge cake, with a strawberry jam and strawberry butter icing filling. I then put a small coating of the strawberry butter icing around the outside, and then white chocolate ganache piped roses.

Anniversary cake side

cake flag

The ‘Just Married’ flag is from the wedding last year, I bought them to put them in the floral centrepieces. The bunting I made myself! cake bunting

Anniversary cake
  cake top

And because it was a special occasion the edible glitter came out!

mr '& mrs

The Mr & Mrs sign I had on the cake table at our wedding.





My lovely husband bought me some peonies, my favourite flower and the flowers I had in my bouquet. He’s such a romantic :)

Please excuse the huge amount of photos, I got a little carried away :)

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Blog lovin: Nana Company

Every now and then you come across a blog you fall head over heels in love with. The type of blog that makes you want to read and absorb every post they’ve published. The blog I’m talking about is Nana Company. Her photos are beautiful, and if you enjoy sewing you will love the projects and fabrics she uses, soooo inspiring!

nana companynana company nana company nana company nana company nana company Blog love: Nana company nana company

nana company

I’ve had to stop myself from posting too many photos, so please head on over to have a look for yourself. Finding this blog came just at the right time for me, I’ve been in need of a boost and a good dose of inspiration. Feeling a bit lost with my work and wanting to go in a different direction… again! Watch this space as I plan to update my ideas with you soon!