C is for…

C is for

 Christmas Carollers singing their favourite songs!

So Friday (14th) was the day when The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery released their Christmas sew-along sampler, I had been eagerly waiting for it for a couple of weeks and when it arrived I wasn’t disappointed. For the next 3 weeks a row of patterns arrive until the word Christmas is spelt out. So this week it is C,H,R… etc

So far I’ve enjoyed the stitching although I do wish I had used a slightly darker fabric as some of the colours are not popping out like they should. It wasn’t the colour that was recommended (as far as I know that’s only available in the US) but I thought it would be ok, I do love the glitter in it though! If you fancy a go yourself you can buy the pattern here

For those who follow me on Instagram will already know that my Woodland Sampler  faced an unfortunate end when I realised I had made a huge uh oh. Rather stupidly I had got the centre of the chart wrong meaning that I would run out of space at the top even though I always use a larger piece of fabric than I need. Anyway I’ve decided as I cant face doing October and November all over again to start a fresh in the new year and work from January, and of course make sure that I get it centred right this time!


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