Strawberry Honey – EPP Project Cases

Today I am sharing what I made with the newest collection from Gracey Larson – Strawberry Honey, designed for Riley Blake Designs. This is the perfect fabric to get you in the mood for summer! Featuring delicious strawberries, the sweetest honey bears and bees, fun florals and lovely ginghams.

With a new EPP (English Paper Piecing) project starting this March (Sunshiny Day Quilt), I wanted something that could help me organise my various supplies and paper pieces.

Strawberry Honey EPP Cases

First off I made a small needlebook type case, this will hold all my templates, needles, pens etc.

Strawberry Honey EPP Cases

With a hidden pocket similar to my Stitch and Go Case I can store my envelope of Paper Pieces. This case will be perfect for when I take a small amount of shapes on the go with me to baste onto the papers. With so many templates for all the different shapes, I wanted to make sure they were in no danger of getting lost, so they have their very own home.

Strawberry Honey EPP Cases
Strawberry Honey EPP Cases

For the cover I just went with the flow and played around with the fabrics until I was happy. It was a fun approach but a lot of indecision led to a fair bit of unpicking!

Strawberry Honey Epp Case

I took the opportunity to add some hand quilting details, one of the parts of a sewing project I always enjoy. It’s fun to see something come to life and be enhanced by just a few simple stitches!

Strawberry Honey EPP Cases

In addition I wanted to make a larger case to keep more of my supplies, including completed blocks. I have spent quite a bit of time over the last few weeks working on a design that I’m happy with, and whilst I am not quite there yet, I am happy with this version for now. This case features a large vinyl side zip pocket, which will be perfect for any pieces that have been basted and are waiting to be sewn together.

Strawberry Honey EPP Cases

Then I have 2 ‘booklet’ type pages for finished EPP flowers. Much prettier than keeping it all in different ziploc bags!

Strawberry Honey EPP Cases

I can’t decide if my favourite print is the strawberries, or the bears, or the little bees and hexagons!

Strawberry Honey EPP Cases

The last page features a handy piece of felt for my needles and a slip pocket divided into sections.

Strawberry Honey EPP Cases

This fabric is so gorgeous, I love the vintage style of this fabric, and if I hadn’t decided to go with these cases then I think I would have had to make a quilt. It would make the most beautiful picnic blanket!

Strawberry Honey is coming to shops this month!


3 thoughts on “Strawberry Honey – EPP Project Cases

  1. Every time I see something like this I think that I must make something similar for my own EPP, very pretty and so useful. The fabric is sweet, I can never resist a strawberry fabric.


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