Rose Pincushion Cuff


rose pin cushionI’ve been admiring these pincushions by Michelle Patterns ever since I saw them popping up on my Instagram feed. So pretty but they looked so fiddly and difficult to make. I immediately wrote them off as a make I couldn’t do.

But then recently I decided to go for it, I mean how do we learn if we don’t take ourselves outside of a comfort zone and try something more challenging?? That and I was just so in love with them I wanted one for myself!

I saw this beautiful Windham fabric peeking out of my stash and I knew instantly that was the fabric I wanted to use.

Wiindham fabric

I didn’t take much longer to decide on my other 2 fabrics either! This particular fat quarter has been in my stash for a quite a few years and I’ve never had the right project that has made me want to cut into it. So I may have held my breath when I did make that first cut and a little wish that it will turn out ok! I would hate to waste such pretty fabric!

Rose pincushion cuff

Thanks to a rainy Saturday afternoon, with hubbie watching Mabel I was able to whip this up in one go. I have to say despite being a little fiddly making sure all the seams were stitched it was a very enjoyable little project. In my eyes it’s not perfect but I am happy that I’ve done it and can’t wait to have another go at making one.


rose pin cushion


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