Blooming Blossoms Box 3

Blooming blossoms quilt box 3 Blooming blossoms quilt box 3

Another month and it hasn’t disappointed, once again the fabrics that have been picked are so beautiful!

In my haste to get started  I did actually make a mistake, forgetting the mantra measure twice cut once! I cut what was supposed to be diamonds into jewels instead. I was cutting out the fabrics at 6am (probably not the cleverest of ideas!) and got a little carried away! Shamefully I didn’t actually realise until I ran out of jewels papers and couldn’t work out why I only had 6 diamonds instead! I rang Jessie to explain that I had 6 diamonds and it was only then that I realised my error! Haha! Oh dear the shame! She was very nice about it and I was able to order some more of that fabric so I could make the diamonds! I do have plans for the jewels so they won’t go to waste!

Silly story but I’d thought I’d share, nobody is perfect and sometimes it’s good to hear that people get things wrong, I wanted to be honest and not just share when things go right!

I feel a real sense of achievement to have finished the box but also sad that it’s all over, I can’t wait for next month to see what pretty fabrics will be included and of course this time I will be reading the cutting directions TWICE!

Liberty hearts

The little Liberty jewels that I have plans for, I’ve turned them into hearts and will applique them onto some lovely Essex Linen, what they become after that I’m still undecided!


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