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What do you do when you lose your “Sew-Jo”?


All of a sudden I have appeared to have lost my “Sew-Jo”. Whats Sew-Jo? Some of you may ask. Well imagine waking up and just not feeling like doing your favourite hobby.

November was a particularly difficult month for more reason than one and so I’m wondering if that may have something to do with it, and if it’s more than my sew-Jo that has gone but my whole Go-Jo!

The thing is, this is a time of year where losing the will to sew is really not good. There are gifts to sew, table decorations and advent calenders to make etc, etc.

So what am I doing to fill the void!?

Well the house is looking rather clean! All (OK maybe not all) those little chores that I kept putting off as I busily worked on my sewing machine are getting done. I discovered Zoflora and now the house smells divine. I’m getting caught up on the laundry and the draining board is actually being cleared away.

If I can’t get myself on the machine then I am spending time scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram in the hope of getting some interest back. It’s not like I don’t have the ideas, I know plenty of things I could/should/would make but for some reason I’m just not feeling it at the moment.

Which leads me onto the next thing I am pulling fabric, and when I feel able cutting out projects ready for when the spark hits me. I’m building up a fair collection of projects (too many to list) all with a deadline of Christmas so I really must get my act together soon.

Where's my sew-jo
Projects I’m prepping, plus a reminder my sewing machine  is my therapist.

The trouble is I feel guilty for not utilizing my time effectively. So whilst Mabel is at nursery I feel like I SHOULD be doing SOMETHING. I am completely unable to sit or lie down and rest and take care of myself, a small neglect that actually put me in the hospital last week!

So dear readers how do you take care of yourself? What do you do when the thing you love and call a therapy escapes you?

I need to learn (I think!?) that my body is maybe telling me I need to take time out to rest and recover and not stress that things are not getting done. Even if Christmas is racing towards us, and the guilt of social media and TV gets too much. Christmas after all is about time with family and friends.



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