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New Flower Brooches

I hope you are all having a good weekend. It has been so dark and dreary here but we’ve had no rain today so that is an improvement! Being in the South and the Thames Valley for that matter, we’ve been hit hard with the flooding. However personally it’s not affected us  as we are in our first floor flat, but all the fields around us are completely flooded and several roads are closed because of it too. You don’t feel like doing much when the weather is so bad!

So now Christmas is finally  over, I’ve been thinking forward to the next few months and planning some new crafts. Especially as I have a Valentines Craft Fair at the beginning of February.

I have some very pretty Tilda and Liberty fabrics as well as some pretty pastel felts, and thought the combination of the two would be perfect to use to make some new brooches. I already knew I wanted them to be flower shaped, and this is what I’ve come up with..

brooch1 brooch1a brooch2 brooch2a

What do you think? I’ve only made a couple so far. Do you like? I would appreciate any feedback. I  am trying to decide if to make some more or not. Although I am enjoying making them.

I will have to redo the pictures before I list them, in fact the whole shop is in need of a makeover. It’s one of the things I hate about this time of year, it’s so dark it’s impossible to get good product photos!

I hope you are keeping warm and dry, enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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