Strawberry Milk Pattern

I had the pleasure of testing this super cute Strawberry Milk Foundation Paper Pieced Pattern for Susan of @quiltypie. She really has the some of the cutest patterns I ever did see, so I was super excited to try this for her.

Strawberry Milk Pattern

The pattern comes in two sizes a 6″ and 8″ and full piecing instructions, including tips and a colouring page.

This was such a satisfying little project that came together so quickly, in fact I did it in between cooking the Sunday roast! I had planned to cut it out on the Sunday with the view to start piecing while Mabel was at nursery on the Monday but I couldn’t wait once I had it all cut out, I had to see it finished!

There are some teeny pieces in this, the stalk in particular, so if you’re not so confident with paper piecing I recommend trying the 8″ first.

I just need to decide what to make it into now, maybe a cute little mug rug? I may even have to make a little set as it really is such a sweet pattern, with no risks of needing any work from the dentist!



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