Sloth Makers Tote

You may remember way back last year I shared with you some fabric I had bought whilst I was supposed to be on a “fabric diet“. I had every intention of making this fabric into a Makers Tote, I had even started to cut it out but then I ran out of steam (there are a lot of pieces to cut!). Like a lot of projects, it sat in a corner hoping one day I would pick it up and get on with it.

Well as 2019 is my year of getting things finished I made the decision to finally get on with it. It wasn’t all about being too lazy to cut out though. I had memories of it being quite a difficult pattern and I was a little nervous about it!

I needn’t have worried though, second time around this was definitely a lot simpler and I actually really enjoyed making it!2019-02-23 13.40.00.jpg

I had previously made the smaller version which you can see here. So this time I decided to go big and maker the larger sized. This bag is huge! I will be able to fit so much in here, including a whole quilt which I used to help pad it out  for the photos. I have been wanting to go to my nearest Modern Quilters Guild meeting for some time now, and so when I do finally get the chance to go I will have a bag big enough to put all my projects in that’s for sure!

Sloth Makers ToteSloth Makers ToteSloth Makers ToteSloth Makers Tote

The pattern is by Noodlehead and is available to buy in paper format in my shop here.


4 thoughts on “Sloth Makers Tote

    1. Oh wow that sounds fab! Did you post a picture of it? I’d love to see! I’m thinking of making the small one for Mabel as a pretend doctors bag for her.


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