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Fabric diet fail..

At the start of 2018 I made the resolution to go on a “Fabric diet”, it didn’t necessarily mean I couldn’t buy any fabric but I definitely had to rein in my spending and use up my over-growing stash. I wasn’t completely unrealistic I knew there would be certain fabrics I would need to help use up my stash mainly a white solid.

But like all good diets there are occasions when you fall off the wagon! Firstly was the Sloth fabric from Cloth and Candy I missed out on this last time and was so disappointed, so when I saw it was back in stock I had to break the diet and get a metre of it! I do have plans for this though, it’s going to become a large Makers Tote, you can see the smaller version I made here.

The other sweet fabrics were from Pretty Fabric and Trims and are by Lauren Nash for Penny Rose Fabrics. As soon as I saw Lauren post the picture of her new collection I knew there would have to be another break in the diet! I’ve decided to break this up into a few purchases though and this is part 1! Easier to sneak past the husband this way and will mean more happy mail days!

Of course there are many more fabrics I’m lusting after but I’m determined to be good! Have you seen the Ombre Metallic Confetti by Moda!? Pretty much anything by Cotton and Steel and Heather Ross are also on the wishlist too.

What fabrics are you dreaming of at the moment? What do you do to bust your stash?

I mean seriously how could I resist this sweet fabric!?



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