Moments Fabric – London Backpack

Minki Kim Moments Fabric - London Backpack

When I first laid eyes on Minki Kim‘s newest fabric collection “Moments” I was so excited – it had dogs on it!! I knew pretty much instantly I wanted to make a backpack and that the pattern I wanted to use was The London Backpack pattern by LBG Studio. I actually purchased this pattern over 2 years ago, and it has sat in my folder all this time just waiting to be made. Why you say? The eyelets scared me! The thought of cutting holes into fabric and hammering metal rings into it after spending time putting together a (hopefully) beautiful bag terrified me! However I knew this fabric would be absolutely perfect for this pattern, I had to be brave! Anyway I’d had a little bit of practice with eyelets when making some gift tags so it wasn’t completely alien to me.

My goal was to feature as many of the different fabrics as I could, they are all so pretty they all deserved a spot!

Minki Kim - Moments fabric

Being the third backpack I was going to make, my initial fears that I had when making my first and second had been replaced with a growing confidence, and with confidence the ability to be excited.

The pattern is really well written and easy to follow, making me feel like I really shouldn’t have left it so long to make it!

2020-02-19 12.03.05.jpg

This would be a great pattern if you’re new to bag making and wanting to make a backpack.

Moments Fabric - London Backpack

I love the design for this internal pocket, and how clever that the top part of the pocket also becomes the casing for the drawstring!

Moments Fabric - London Backpack

I loved playing with the fabrics and putting little pops of doggies everywhere I could!

Moments Fabric - London Backpack

I adapted the back straps to the pattern, favouring a combination of webbing and fabric handles. It also has another handy zip pocket.

Moments Fabric - London Backpack

The pockets were super easy to make. Quite often with zip pockets on a bag they can be fiddly and involve cutting a slit in the fabric and teasing the fabric through the gap, then trying to neatly top stitch a zip in place. Both pockets in this bag though are made separately and attached to the bag!

Moments Fabric - London Backpack

I had intended this bag to be all for me, but when the fabric arrived Mabel asks me is it for her, who am I to look into the hopeful eyes of a four year old and say no?? I may have to make one for myself though!!

Moments Fabric - London Backpack

So let me tell you a little story about this bag. This is the first project I have started and finished since my mum passed away last month. I’m not going to lie, it was a struggle, I almost didn’t do it. All I have managed these past few weeks (sewing wise) is a bit of cross stitch and basting some hexies. However with two Riley Blake tour dates already missed because of this life event  I really wanted to try and honour my commitment (no pressure from them! They have been super understanding!)

It seemed appropriate that my first project I’d make would be for Mabel. My mum adored Mabel as any good Nana does. However it goes deeper than that, Mabel gave mum the gift of 4 more years of life. From the moment I told my mama that I was pregnant she fought that bit harder to stay with us for as long as she could, and my God did she fight!

So even though I had to drag myself to the cutting mat and force myself onto my machine(yes literally!), it was just what I needed! I say it many times but sewing really is my therapy. I could zone out of funeral arrangements and a whole load of other responsibilities I wish I didn’t have to be in-charge of. I actually found I had a little smile on my face as I was sewing, and my shoulders dropping a little. It breaks my heart to know I can’t show her this bag, every time I finished something I’d send her a picture. I know when this blog goes out, it’ll be popping up in her inbox and will remain unread. But I know she’d be furious with me if I let the grief stop me from sewing and sharing my makes with you all. So now I have finished my first make, let’s hope there will be many more. After all I like to think she is sat with me while I sew.

Sorry that all got a bit soppy didn’t it!?

Moments Fabric - London Backpack



5 thoughts on “Moments Fabric – London Backpack

  1. Lucky Mabel. This is just fabulous, i don’t usually do ‘cute fabric’ but this is adorable and goes into being pretty. I still miss my Gran and often wish I could show her and tell her about what I have been sewing. Your mum will be cheering you on from the other side and be thrilled with everything lovely that you make and that make you happy too. x

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  2. You did a wonderful job Sarah! I remember my first bucket bag that had 8 eyelets; I was so afraid. What if I messed one up?? I understand your worry! But I’m glad you did it; and the zips! How fab on the construction. I hate inset ones as they are so fiddly. And I agree your mum was there every stitch, smiling and enjoying your company, relieved to see you happy, even if for a tiny bit. Hugs dear friend! xx

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