Into the Jungle SAL – Completed!

Two years and 3 months after I first started this cross stitch and a year and 3 months behind the sew along I have finished my Into the Jungle! I can’t tell you how satisfying it was to put that final stitch in place!

Into the Jungle

I think this fabric is telling me it wants me to make it into a cushion! 

This is my third completed SAL’s from The Frosted Pumpkins now, having previously finished Pumpkin Passport and Happily Ever After.

I still have Story Time Sampler to finish, which has been waiting even longer than Into the Jungle, and of course this year’s SAL Animal Almanac, which has become my favourite SAL so far, I’m loving all the colours, and the cute animals of course!

2020-03-10 13.06.28.jpg



4 thoughts on “Into the Jungle SAL – Completed!

  1. It is wonderful Sarah! And that fabric is a perfect pair for it. Plus, I got sucked down a rabbit hole of seeing your other Pumpkin stitches and realized we discovered the pumpkins at the same time!! My first stitch was the Halloween sampler. The lacy border stole my heart; I loved stitching that one.

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    1. Yes, 2014!! They changed the way I looked at cross stitch, it was so good to find a pair of designers who could create fun, cute and modern patterns! Before that it had all been a bit frumpy and dowdy 😆


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