Woodland Spring – Kit Supply Tote

I’ve had the delight of playing with this super cute fabric by Designs by Dani for Riley Blake Designs – Woodland Spring.

As soon as I saw it, I was inspired to make a cute bag. I especially love the Navy Deers on Cream. I had planned on a cute photo shoot out in the woods or somewhere outdoorsy but then, you know, lock down happened! How are you all coping with that??

The pattern I decided was one of Aneela Hoey’s new patterns The Kit Supply Tote. I fell in love with the pattern the minute it came out and couldn’t wait to make one, so with this fabric it was a perfect excuse!

Woodland Spring - Kit Supply Tote

Woodland Spring - Kit Supply Tote

Woodland Spring - Kit Supply Tote

Who doesn’t love a mushroom!? This such a roomy bag too, I can fit so much in there, and this is only the small size!

Woodland Spring - Kit Supply Tote

These woodland animals are the absolute cutest! I can’t decide which one is my favourite, but the squirrel is high up there!

I decided to swap out the straps for leather, buoyed by my success the previous time I used them, I thought it would be a good idea, after all they give the bag such a professional looking finish. Unfortunately my application skills were not the finest and the rivets are a little squashed looking :(

Woodland Spring - Kit Supply Tote

I’m not entirely sure how much weight they will take, but at least it looks pretty, right!? LOL.

Woodland Spring is due in shops this month.




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