Scrub Bag – “Nobody Fights Alone” – Riley Blake Designs

I’m not sure if there are many people, who at the start of the year could have predicted how the world would be right now.

What started off as something in a market in China has turned into one of the biggest pandemics the world has ever seen. I don’t think there has ever been anything else that has affected so many people over the world at the same time, not even the World Wars!?

A positive of something so awful is how we have pulled together in this time of need and have helped each other out.  It has been heart warming to see. Of course our real heroes are those working right at the front line.  

As you know from a previous post (here), I spent some time during lockdown making scrubs and scrub bags etc for our NHS workers. It was such an honour to be able to do this, and so when Riley Blake Designs told me they had designed a collection especially to honour our health care workers and first responders I jumped at the chance of making something. I even love the name of the collection – “Nobody Fights Alone”. Such a lovely sentiment, we are all in this together.

Scrub Bag - RBD Nobody Fights Alone

 Now scrubs can use up to 5 yards of fabric, even the smallest pair is about 3 and a half if cut cleverly, so I knew I would have to think a lot smaller!  With that in mind I decided on a scrub bag that I could donate.

Scrub Bag - RBD Nobody Fights Alone

A scrub bag basically is a bag to put used scrubs in at the end of a shift. The bag with the scrubs in goes straight into the wash as soon as the wearer gets home. Thus reducing the spread of infection to the rest of the household.

Scrub Bag - RBD Nobody Fights Alone

Super simple to make! All you need is half a yard of fabric and a yard and a half of drawstring! I went with a patchwork version mainly because USPS unfortunately didn’t quite have the same amount of love and gratitude, and the fabric arrived in a very sorry state, meaning rather than 2 bags I had to combine what I had to make one. Having said that I like the look! I couldn’t resist using the selvedge, and although no one will ever forget that it all happened in 2020 I felt it right to add the date too.

Scrub Bag - RBD Nobody Fights Alone

Honestly what would do without our amazing health care workers!? You really must check out the whole collection, it also includes a fun camo print in 3 colours and a design to celebrate our First Responders. 


6 thoughts on “Scrub Bag – “Nobody Fights Alone” – Riley Blake Designs

  1. Hello! I love your bag! Is there a chance I could leave a picture of it and a link to your blog on my Etsy shop? I sell this particular fabric and I thought maybe I could increase traffic to your site in exchange for showing an example of one of the great/helpful uses of this beautiful fabric in caring for the healthcare workers!


  2. Hello!
    I love the scrub bag! I’m a nurse who is running an Etsy shop right now and I thought this was an amazing way to use the nurses care fabric. Do you think I could have permission to post some pictures of this along with a link to my shop listing so people can have a great idea for the use of the fabric? I figure it would bring traffic to your site in exchange for customers seeing a great idea and putting the fabric to the most use for healthcare workers.
    Thank you!

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