Pattern Parade – Week 2 – Glitta Pouch

Pattern Parade Week 2 - Glitta Pouch

This week on the Pattern Parade we are having fun with all the glitter and sparkles! The Glitta Pouch is another fun, easy and super addictive pattern by Laura – Sweet Cinnamon Roses.

I’ve been really excited about this pattern – purse making and sparkles! What’s not to love!?

Pattern Parade - Week 2 - Glitta Pouch

I have had this sweet Sarah Jane panel in my stash for some time, kindly gifted to me by a friend, I have been waiting for the perfect project to use it. The minute I’d decided I was going to use it I couldn’t wait to get started!

Pattern Parade - Week 2 - Glitta Pouch

I was so pleased with how it turned out. Those gold star sequins were made for this purse!

Of course I couldn’t stop at 1! I had to make another. Once again I turned to some magical Sarah Jane fabric, this time Peter Pan and Wendy flying high through pink fluffy clouds.

This time I embellished it with Fairy Dust, that’s genuinely what the name of the glitter was called – another perfect match! You can imagine my little girl’s delight at coming home from school to these!

The theme continues until Sunday night, so I may well have to squeeze another pouch in, they are so much fun I may never make another ‘normal’ pouch again! Check out the tag #sweetcinnamonrosespatternparade for more inspo!

Next week we’re playing with improv piecing!


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