Pattern Parade – Week 3 – Improv Piecing

This week for the Pattern Parade we have been playing around with Improv Piecing. This basically is when the rule book goes out the window and you make up where your fabric goes and how it is placed as you go along, a perfect scrap buster! Improv is not something I’ve really properly attempted, not in this style anyway!

Improv pouch - pattern parade - week 3

I was a little unsure if I’d be able to pull it off, but I think when it comes to creating the most important thing is to have fun, and well this was FUN! My scraps were everywhere, the music was up and I just went with it, and you know what? It was quite therapeutic! I would normally agonise over fabric choices and which bits to cut, where and why. This time, however I just went for it!

I eventually came up with something that you can certainly call ‘unique’! I like to think of it as abstract art, where you can have the freedom to say well that’s what it supposed to be like. Jackson Pollock in quilting form maybe!?

Improv pouch - pattern parade - week 3

I know I have said this for every pattern, 3 weeks in a row, but I cant wait to do more of these. A perfect way of using those odd shape scraps that you can’t bear to throw away!

I added some little hand stitching to the panel and turned it into a sweet little pouch. It will be going in the post to a panda loving little girl who has been very poorly recently, hopefully it’ll help bring a smile. I love the charity Post Pals, it was set up with the aim to brighten the lives of sick children by sending happy mail in the form of letters, cards and little gifts. I try and send happy post when I can.

If you fancy a go but don’t know how to get started then Laura has a really great blog post going through it all – click here.

Improv pouch - pattern parade - week 3

Happy sewing!


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