RBD: Little Brier Rose – Quilt Panel

I’ve had the delightful pleasure of playing with one of my favourite designer – Jill Howarth newest collection for Riley Blake Designs – Little Brier Rose, which themes on the all time classic and on of my favourite fairy tale’s – Sleeping Beauty.

When I saw the panel I knew I wanted to do something with it. Despite quilt panel’s being designed to make a quick and easy quilt, I have always felt intimidated by the endless potential of them and feeling like I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. Is that just me?? It seems such a shame to just do a cross hatch quilt style or any sort of straight line, I really wanted to highlight all the details.

Briar Rose - Quilt Panel

If I had all the time in the world I would have love to have sat and hand embroidered in all the little details. As it was, time was of the essence and I needed to come up with a more speedier approach.

For the first time ever I used my free motion embroidery foot and went for it. Not in all the places mind, some areas required more accuracy and for that I used a Walking Foot. You can probably tell if you look closely which parts I did which!! πŸ˜‚

Briar Rose - Quilt Panel

Nevertheless I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was incredibly therapeutic, and a fun form of colouring in! Unfortunately with deadline restrictions looming I wasn’t able to do all of it as I had hoped, however even though it has the binding on now I think I will still carry on, but now at a more relaxed speed.

Briar Rose - Quilt Panel

Initially I was unsure what to do to help make the quilt bigger. That was until I was sorting through some things at my mum’s and came across a foundation piecing by the yard panel for a Prairie Braid pattern, bonus points for being the exact size as my panel. A wonderful opportunity to add some width to the sides and showcase some more of the pretty fabrics from the collection!

Briar Rose - Quilt Panel

If I’m allowed to say I think it looks super effective! Not only that, it was fun! All I needed to do was cut a load of 2.5″ strips. For some of the more directional fabrics I cut the strips on the diagonal. It was the first time I had done a Prairie braid, and I’m definitely going to do it again, it would make a great scrappy project!

Briar Rose - Quilt Panel

I even managed some (rather flukey) pattern matching! Don’t you love it when that happens! πŸ™Œ

Briar Rose - Quilt Panel

To squeeze a bit more size out of it, and to “frame” it I added a delicious pink from RBD Confetti Cottons collection. Then of course it HAD to be a stripey binding, and to help pull out all those gorgeous metallic elements in the quilt I used a metallic gold binding!

Briar Rose - Quilt Panel
Briar Rose - Quilt Panel

I did all the embroidery once the quilt was basted, I did consider doing the embroidery on the first 2 layers then adding the backing to hide all the stitching, however the backing fabric would not have had any stability. So with that in mind this has become a decorative quilt for show rather than one where people can look at the back! πŸ˜‚

Briar Rose - Quilt Panel

Well I hope you enjoyed my first attempts at some free motion stitching. I know I enjoyed it (even if it take me such a crazy long time to reach a reasonable finish for such a small quilt!), despite that I’m looking forward to giving it another try in the future! One adavantage of free motion, it is certainly less of a work out on the arms rather than having to spin the quilt in multi directions!

Briar Rose - Quilt Panel

Briar Rose is shipping to stores now. Check out your local quilt shop, or go online to Riley Blake Designs for stockists. Check out the tag on Instagram – #littlebriarrosefabric where you’ll find a ton of inspiration!

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