Meet my Little Family

Anyone who has read my About page you would have seen that I have four beautiful guinea pigs. They’re my babies! :)


The Gang


From left to right we have Thelma, Teddy, Princess and Louise.




Thelma a sweet little pig, she loves her food and tends to wheek the loudest at dinner time. (Guinea pigs like to make sounds especially at their dinner time and will shout wheek wheek wheek). She is quite poorly at the moment with spinal problems, which means she has had to be separated from the others until it has healed. She is 3 and a half.




Louise is a little madam and likes to think she rules the roost even though she is the smallest. She eats more than all the other pigs put together. She loves having her chin rubbed. She is 3 and half and her and Thelma have been together since the day I got them.




Teddy is my fluffy little bear, he loves cuddles! And will chat away to you while you cuddle him. He has been neutered so he can live with his three wives without any babies popping up! He loves posing for the camera and I have many photos of him pouting at the camera! :) His favorite veg is green beans. He is 3.




Princess is the youngest of the pigs and the final addition to the gang. She is very shy compared to the others and enjoys playing hide and seek when it comes to getting her out of the cage. Once out though she likes a cuddle. She is very vocal and likes to make her feelings known if one of the other piggies gets too close. She will be 3 next month.


Hope you enjoyed meeting my little family, they are very precious to me.





5 thoughts on “Meet my Little Family

  1. Your pig you were talking about that is hurt she is cute my pig has a hurt foot we are afraid that she will have a nub for the rest of her life .but she is not in pain but your pigs are cute. From:Alyssa Lanier


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