November already!?

How can it be November already? I swear the months go by quicker each year. I’m so sad that the summer is over and we are well into the winter months. It’s like a fog descends over my brain leaving me uninspired and unmotivated. Even thinking of the words to write here is proving tricky.


My lovely sister came round to see me today which was really nice. We took her little pup out for a walk.




He’s a Chorkie which is a Chihuahua crossed with a Yorkshire Terrier, and he is called Chewbacca or Chewie for short :)




Look at those big eyes and ears! He’s so small even the extra small harness is a bit big on him.




On the way back we passed these really pretty flowers, I’m not sure what they are, if anyone knows please let me know!




We also walked past this awesome Halloween decoration..




For a minute I thought it was police tape until I got up close. They also had some great pumpkins.




Sorry it’s a bit blurred!

Me and hub don’t really do Halloween, although we did have our second date on Halloween so we’re kind of wrapped up in our anniversary. There isn’t really any children around here so we don’t get trick or treaters. We like to just close the curtains, put the fire on and watch a scary movie instead. It did make me think though, I’ve never actually been to a fancy dress party. I would love to go to one, I like dressing up, it was my favourite part of drama classes :)


I must get out with my camera more, it was quite  nice just walking along taking pictures. Although I will have to find more exciting places to go to, its a bit boring for photography around here! But I am lucky as it’s just a few minutes in the car to more picturesque places.


Happy Friday!








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