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I treated myself to a new book yesterday. I have been looking for something to help me improve my drawing, more specifically little doodles and sketches. Any little doodle I do just looks silly and a mess, and I get so frustrated with myself, surely it can’t be that difficult to doodle without it looking like a toddler could do it better. Well browsing through Amazon I came across a book that could have been written for me. I could feel that excitement you get when you find something so perfect. It arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be more pleased


Craft-a-doodle is a book curated by Jenny Doh, 18 artists have put together 75 exercises to help inspire and improve your drawings and doodles.


recipe for a face It starts off with a recipe for a face. You just pick a head, eyes, nose and hair from the selection. There are so many different combinations you could have a lot of fun experimenting. One of the hardest things I find difficult drawing is faces so I am looking forward to having a play and hopefully improving my lack of skill.

draw a pug





watercolour owl



So as you can see there are a lot of great ideas and inspiration. I know my drawings will not look as good as these, but hopefully it will help me get on the right track. I’d quite like to embroider some of my doodles… well that’s the plan anyway. I will of course share my efforts when they come about.




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