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Having a hoot!

With the craft fair fast approaching I have been busy creating. I think I may have a bit of an obsession with owls. I’ve made quite a few! Is it possible to have too many owls on your stall??

Funnily enough my dearly departed Grandma was a huge collector of owls, her entire living room was covered floor to ceiling, with many different types of owls. So maybe it runs in the family!?

Little owlsI have a few different types  but these are the little guys I have been working on today and I think they are my favourite. I love the pocket sized cuteness of them and the nice soft pastel colours. I’ve really enjoyed making them.

Little purple owl

Little blue owl

Little pink owl

I wish I could take credit for the pattern but it’s not mine, I purchased the pattern from Noialand on Etsy. My drawing skills are not the best, you may remember me mentioning in a previous post that I am hoping to improve it, and one of those reasons is so I can design my own little softies.

Previously I focused on bags and purses, but after quite a few years of making these I have fancied a change. I love working with felt, I love the hand sewing aspect of it and the chance to embroider and embellish. There is something I find so relaxing about embroidering and beading. I have been umming and arghing over whether to sell my feltie makes in my Etsy store or to just keep it as a hobby. What do you think? Would you like to see some felt creations in the store? I would appreciate any feedback.

I will post some of my other makes later in the week. I have been making my own Christmas decorations (my own designs) which I would like to share. If I do have some of the decorations left after the fair I will probably list them either on here or in the shop, so watch this space!little owls


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