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September already!?

OK so I know I start every month off with  I can’t believe its …. *insert month here* but I REALLY can’t believe it’s September. I feel like I must have slept through most of August, which is entirely possible given how unwell I have been, and now I wake up to see autumn is rolling in, it’s hibernation in reverse!

Anyway here is a few snapshots from August. You can see the rest in my Instagram feed. IMG_20140901_093333

Lots of baking in there inspired by The Great British Bake Off, have you been watching? What are your thoughts on the “Bincident”?

In the bottom right hand corner of the mosaic there is a little peek at the top I mentioned in my last post, the neckline is unfinished and I just used cheapy polycotton fabric but it was fun to make nonetheless. I doubt it will make an appearance in the outside world!

Speaking of instagram a new month means a whole new month of #fmsphotoaday!

2014-08-24 23.30.19

Simply take a photo of the prompt on that day and post it to instagram with the #fmsphotoaday. It’s lots of fun! :) Not on instagram? They have a facebook group too!


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