Sweetly Stitched Handmades – Frilly Christmas Bib

I purchased Amy’s book a while back when it first came out and loved every project in it. It’s taken me till now to get around something from it!

One of the projects I had bookmarked to make was a frilly bib, so pretty and girly I thought it would be nice to make Mabel one with some Christmas fabric to wear on Christmas day.

Frilly christmas bib

The fabric I picked was Little Joys by Penny Rose Fabrics and went with traditional red and green colours. I really enjoyed making this, it came together a lot quicker than I was expecting, I thought I would have problems with the ruffle and although it was quite fiddly I managed to not get too cross with it!

Frilly Christmas bib

 Frilly Christmas bib

Here she is with the finished product! So hard to get a posed picture these days! There was far too much excitement going on. I will definitely be making some more of these, such a fun quick project with such a lovely result! I’m also looking forward to making some more projects from this book, so many nice ones to choose from!


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