Rainbow Dresden Pouch

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m fed up of cloudy days! I’m so impatient for sunny weather and it just seems at the moment the sun rarely wants to show its face.

Do you remember the pouch I made for my mum’s birthday? I really enjoyed the process of making it that I decided to make one for myself, and being inspired by the grey dreary weather I thought I’d go for bright rainbow colours to cheer things up a bit!

It didn’t take me too long (for once) to decide which fabrics to use, I went straight for my trusty Lecien stash.

Initially I was going to do the Dresden as two halves because when its whole it does make making the pouch a little awkward and you can’t top stitch the zip which I do like to do, I think it looks neater. Despite that I went with how I did it before and made the full plate.

I went with a crisp white as the backing fabric to really make the rainbow colours ‘pop’. Then onto my favourite bit the hand quilting.

Most of what I get to do is in nap time, it’s an hour or so just for me, hot tea, cake and sewing, just perfect! I started with one line of quilting but then just kept going! I debated on doing a 4th line but decided to leave it.


I have already put this purse to good use, it’s holding all my little hexies that I’ve not had a chance to do anything with yet.

Including these little lovlies from a piece of Cloud 9 fabric that I discovered in my stash.

I had to include my Momiji unicorn doll because all unicorns love a rainbow!


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