Pinnie Parade – Week 3

Pinnie Parade

Day 15 – I think this is my favourite pinnie so far! Such cute fabric, all I did was add a little embroidery embellishment and a little bit of zakka tape.

Day 16 – Onto a super simple one! This is a cheater print that I’ve just quilted. Simple but effective I think!

Day 17 – My followers will recognise the little needlebook here, you may also remember that it had a cast off attempt! Well when I discovered it again, I thought it would make a perfect little pinnie and so it didn’t go to waste after all!

Pinnie parade

Day 18 – Another simple one, I feel like maybe I should have added some little embroidery or something, but being short on time, it had to do. I think it still looks cute though!

Pinnie Parade

Day 19 – My first attempt at sewing illustration Inspired by @zeriano. Don’t look too closely!  I may invest in a free motion embroidery foot. Definitely going to try some more of this style of work it was lots of fun!

Pinnie Parade

Day 20 – A simple 9 patch made with beautiful Pam Kitty and Lecien fabrics, I love the combination of that blue with the white!

Pinnie Parade

Day 21 – Who doesn’t love Miffy! I’ve had this sweet fabric in my stash for ages and hardly used it! I think I may have to make something else too. Especially as little Mabel really took an interest in this pinnie!

So just over a week to go and I have a whole lot of pinnies! Set for life I reckon, I think there may have to be a giveaway soon!



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